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What’s one of the most compelling reasons to create a retention schedule and stick to it? The law. In Part 2 of our exclusive interview, we ask records pro Helen Streck about how our record retention schedules can keep us organized in the face of any litigation that may come your way.

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Records management pro Helen Streck, CEO of Kaizen InfoSource, gave her three essential tips for getting started with a retention schedule. During our interview, Helen goes on to cover topics like how to organize your documents into classes and creating an employee exit plan. We deliver this exclusive interview in Episode 1 of the File Tips by Corodata podcast.

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If the hack of the email system at Sony Pictures Entertainment taught us anything about our cyber security, it's that no one is exempt from data breach risks at work. Now information managers are often tasked with handling data security on and offline, with these two roles blending into one.

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