Corodata helps you store, manage, and protect your data — whether your files are online, on a hard drive, or in a box.

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You can manage your Corodata account online.
Order box or file, schedule a pick-up and create your own inventory reports. We offer free 30-minute webinars weekly for you to learn how to use our client portal.

If you’re drowning under the weight of your own paper records, you’re not alone. Corodata fields requests from local government agencies as well as plenty of private businesses looking for help on how to manage the deluge of records. 

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Corodata spreads the message that companies are ultimately responsible for keeping their own records secure—and gives California businesses the tools to do it. Don't be left out!

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Over the past four years, California’s Attorney General has received reports of 657 data breaches affecting more than 49 million records. If it hasn’t yet happened to your business, it’s probably just a matter of time.

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Discover secure, compliant, complete records management for your data-sensitive, value-conscious business.

With Corodata, you’ll have the services and support you need to respect your patients’ privacy and comply with HIPAA requirements. Learn more »
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Partner with Corodata for records management that keeps your firm compliant in a regulatory environment that’s ever changing. Learn more »
Your small business is different from every other small business. Corodata can custom-tailor a document-management program for your needs and budget. Learn more »

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