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What documents NOT to Shred

What documents NOT to Shred

Headed to the shred bin? Ever wonder what not to shred? While going through a purge of old business documents is a good thing to do after your annual income tax filing, not every document in the office is destined for destruction. Shredding is one aspect of file organization and a good records management company […]
Record Retention: Big Tips for Small Businesses

Record Retention: Big Tips for Small Businesses

In part three of our Q & A with records pro Helen Streck of Kaizen InfoSource, we learn why it’s important for even small-sized businesses to stay on top of record retention schedules.

7 Document Storage Essentials for Every Company

Will your document storage practices keep your company out of legal hot water? The answer may surprise you. Check out our checklist to see where you’re winning and where you need to catch up. (Hint: Check each item off that you have covered to tally up your score.) 1. Several Layers of Security You have […]
Read all about it: Paper documents are <em>still</em> relevant

Read all about it: Paper documents are still relevant

It’s happened again: another high-profile, high-volume data breach. In July, UCLA Health System revealed that hackers may have compromised the sensitive information of as many as 4.5 million patients. (That’s nearly equal to half the population of Los Angeles County!)
Five steps to protect your business from data leaks

Five steps to protect your business from data leaks

In the predawn hours of June 30th, a burglar broke into a San Francisco dental office (twice within 3 hours!). He made off with some cash, several thousand dollars’ worth of equipment and a tablet computer.

To Ring in the New Year, Archive Your Old Files

When the calendar changed to “2015,” what did you do with all those papers, documents and old files marked “2014”? Smart businesses are boxing them up, archiving them and putting the ones they don’t need on hand into storage.
Sally, The New Girl

Sally, The New Girl

Top 10 Reasons To Use A Records Center

Records are information assets that can hold great value for your organizations but also pose several risks. Record Storage plays an important role in protecting the future of the organization and its stakeholders. Here are the top ten reasons to move inactive records to an off-site facility:

Weighing the Pros and Cons Of Records Storage At The Office

Every business starts out by storing all of its records at its own office. As the vital records grow and grow, most businesses progress to moving some records to an off-site location.

Is Records Storage Right For You?

How To Decide If Off-Site Records Management Is Right For You Typically when companies begin to run out of space for Record Storage in their own offices and facilities, they begin to consider the alternatives. Basically you have three options: