10 Must-Ask Questions For Financial, Insurance and Real Estate

10 Must-Ask Records Storage Questions For Financial Services, Insurance, and Real Estate Firms


Retention Policy

Have you written a records retention policy so employees won’t have to guess whether a file with financial data needs to be stored or destroyed? This should include loan application forms, client files, insurance claims forms and financial records, as well as others.


Clients Records

Who is responsible for the client records in your office?



If you move records to an off-site location, who will be responsible for monitoring the records?


Storage Capabilities

you improving your in-house storage capabilities with file cabinets, storage lockers and fireproof file cabinets you can lock? Consider adding shelving to store boxed files.



ve you considered a one-stop Record Storage facility? Consider using the services of a Record Storage facility that can handle all your filing and storage needs, including fast access to documents, climate-controlled electronic media storage and cross cut shredding of files.


Choosing a record storage

ve you chosen a Record Storage facility that is well organized and meets your standards for quality? Take time to visit your vendor’s facility to see that it is clean and that the items already stored there are in good order.



you routinely back up your files on a CD or DVD or other media to ensure that you never lose a single record? Corodata will store it in a secure location.



Once your documents have been stored digitally, find out if you can destroy hard copies.



Are you letting an employee take back-up media home each night? While the intentions may be good, this is a bad practice. The person may get in an accident or separate from the firm (maybe involuntarily). This puts your backed-up data at risk.


Safe Storing

Have you paid attention to the construction of the boxes you use to store your files? Double-walled boxes are the strongest and can withstand being transported and stacked. Corodata has the right carton for all your files.

Taking Control of Inactive Records with Corodata

Properly labeling and tracking inactive files, and moving them safely offsite, can save your company space, time and money; remove the threat of losing documents; providing easy retrieval of files when needed, and set your reputation as a secure company.

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