2019: The Year in Records Management Review

With the hundreds of emails you get every day, you may have let a few from Corodata get buried in the endless data stream that is your inbox. We’ll try not to take it personally. In fact, just to catch you up, here are the eight records management guides from 2019 that will cue you up for the new year.

Your CCPA Compliance Checklist

Hopefully, you haven’t been stranded on a desert island somewhere and have spent 2019 working to institute the new processes and safeguards that will ensure your organization is ready for the January 1, 2020 deadline for CCPA compliance.

Records Management Laws, Explained

California is at the forefront of setting strict privacy laws. We run down HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and CA SB1421/AB748 among other regulations, that impact how California businesses are going to have to do business from now on.

Getting Coworker Buy-In

If you’re a records manager, it’s not enough to do your job. You need to educate your coworkers to understand what it is you do, why it matters and why they need to get on board with your policies that they may find inconvenient, annoying and overprotective. Is it possible to do that? Sure is. And here’s how. It’s so important, we wrote two articles on it here and here.

Why You Need a Shredding Day

Boxes of old, obsolete files are unsightly, unsafe, and a security risk. You ought to get rid of them, and we’ve got some compelling reasons why.

5 Easy Steps to Starting a Records Management Program

No child says “I want to be a records manager when I grow up.” Whether it’s a career you fell into, or one you’ve been working at for some time, here are the indisputable steps you need to take to be a real pro at it.

Hidden Document Destruction Lessons in Succession

“As Seen on TV” is a compelling line if you’re using infomercials to sell stuff. It, however, is no defense when it comes to records management. If you’re a fan of the critically-acclaimed HBO show, Succession, you’ll want to read our expert reality check of the show’s shredding storyline.

Self Storage Nightmares

Hello, Hollywood? We have a reality show we’d like to pitch: what happens when good people use self-storage for records management and things go bad. Forget Undercover Boss. We’ve got true tales of Undercover Loss.

Paper Is Still Relevant — Really

Maybe it’s our hipster culture or too many tales of Eastern European hackers, but paper records are almost as hot as vinyl records are these days—we’ll tell you why, and how you too can be cool by remaining “analog.”

Ready to upgrade your records management in 2020?

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