4 Reasons To Scan Your Archives

Scanning is one of the hottest topics in the information management world. Bosses want it, staff members struggle to get it done, copy machines claim to be up for the job, but the verdict almost universally ends up that it is simply too expensive to scan archives—with only four little exceptions.


Records are Retained Permanently

While we aren’t aware of any law actually requiring this, plenty of organizations currently require that all business records are retained permanently. No matter how affordable paper storage is per month, paying that monthly fee forever is a long time. Corodata’s average rates would create a break even after approximately 50 years of storage.


Back Up for Vital Information

Every organization has some mission-critical information deserving of redundancy, and scanning can be an answer. Most clients keep the paper after scanning due to its valuable nature, but retrieval can be done digitally.


Digital Workflow for Increased Productivity

Many business systems allow images to be uploaded and then integrated within a workflow process of the group. One example of workflow integration is taking invoices from approval to payment online. Or having the ability to pull all relevant files on a client, or patient is another great example. Scanning makes a lot of sense if it will help increase productivity. Make sure to weight the cost of scanning—manpower, technology, training, upgrades and IT—against the return of productivity.


Documents Need to Be Accessed By Many Office Locations

The biggest downfall of paper storage is that it is fixed in space unless copied which then increases the costs and hassle. Scanning allows multiple employees to access the same documents at the same time, from anywhere around the globe.

Here are some other options on how to handle your archives:

  • If you just don’t have a reason to scan your archives, learn more about traditional archive records storage.
  • If you would like to have access to your records digitally just when you need it, Scan on Demand retrieval makes a great hybrid tool for many as well.

Taking Control of Inactive Records with Corodata

Properly labeling and tracking inactive files, and moving them safely offsite, can save your company space, time and money; remove the threat of losing documents; providing easy retrieval of files when needed, and set your reputation as a secure company. learn more