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We’ve been serving California businesses for 75 years.

Family-owned and operated since 1948, Corodata is the largest independent records management company in California serving San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

Hard Drive Destruction Machine

Keep your business safe with Corodata’s hard drive shredding and media destruction services. Our secure, physical destruction process ensures that even the most sensitive data is gone for good. Continue »

records management

Record Storage

More than 10,000 California companies are saving up to 40% on records storage with Corodata.

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shredding services

Shredding Services

Get equipment, transportation, and regulated compliant shredding of confidential materials.

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media vaulting

Media Vaulting

Protect your company data by storing it offsite in our climate controlled vaults.

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Scanning & Imaging

Have secure access to your documents from your desktop, tablet, or phone.

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Find a location near you

Our five Corodata locations ensure businesses throughout California have access to our expert offsite record storage services and shredding services.

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[FREE PDF] Comprehensive Records Management Guideline

Comprehensive Records Management

Gain expertise in mastering the art of Records Management with this comprehensive guide, which will equip you with:

  • Knowledge on Records Management Laws
  • A HIPAA Compliance Checklist
  • Techniques for Identifying Confidential and Sensitive Documents
  • A Records Retention Schedule Guideline
  • Insights into Privacy and Data Protection
  • Strategies for Legal Holds and Litigation Readiness
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Corodata’s Portal Just Got Better

We’ve launched a newly designed Corodata Client Portal that will improve the way you do business with us. We’ve introduced new tools and features to make storing and shredding with us run more smoothly than ever before.

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Discover secure, compliant, complete records management for your industry.


Medical Record Storage

With Corodata, you’ll have the services and support you need to respect your patients’ privacy and comply with HIPAA requirements. learn more

Financial and Banking Records Management

Partner with Corodata for records management that keeps your institution compliant in a regulatory environment that’s ever changing. learn more


Choose Corodata for high-volume storage solutions that protect attorney/client records and keep your costs in check. learn more
small business

Small Businesses

Your small business is different from every other small business. Corodata can custom-tailor a program for your needs and budget. learn more

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record storage boxes

Corodata manages millions of record storage boxes.

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Customer Service Rating

Corodata stands out for providing premium, cost effective services, with a local touch.

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You help keep California green with Corodata.

Corodata’s San Francisco Records Management Team is extremely helpful, good-humored, and friendly. I have spent the last six months in Pt. Richmond reviewing our law firm records. I have had direct contact with the customer service staff, warehouse, and management team. The team has been incredibly helpful bringing pallets to the floor, reshelving boxes, and arranging destruction as requested. What I found most striking and commendable is the way all the staff interacts with each other. There is, i think, an unusual camaraderie, respectfulness, and comfort level that employees feel with each other at Corodata. Now that I have completed my review of 550+ boxes and won’t be occupying my favorite table in the warehouse, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of you. I will miss not seeing you.

Corodata Customer| Legal Industry

Your Company is so unbelievably responsive. We made a request to move some material from one department to another and a few other little tasks. Within a matter of hours, it was complete. Not a couple of weeks like I’m used to. It’s wonderful to have such excellent service nearby so thank you, and we look forward to our continued working relationship with Corodata.

Corodata Customer | Government