A Look Back at Your (our readers) Favorite Articles of 2012

Just in case you missed these articles, or enjoy using this time to reflect, here is your chance to look back at the five most popular Corodata posts from the past year, including: the Perils of Stan cartoon, popular articles, and the #1 most-read post of 2012.

#5 Four Reasons to Scan Your Archives

Scanning is one of the hottest topics in the information management world. Bosses want it, staff members struggle to get it done, copy machines claim to be up for the job, but the verdict almost universally ends up that it is simply too expensive to scan archives—with four little exceptions. Get the four exceptions to scan your archives »

#4 Is Scanning Archives Really More Green Than Keeping Paper?

We have been peppered with messages about paper wiping the earth of its trees for years, and trained to feel guilty about keeping paper around. Read on for a discussion about a lesser-publicized point of view—where back-scanning of archived paper is actually much harder on the environment. Get the Whole Discussion »

#3 The Perils of Stan (who’s not a self-storage fan)

Stan’s boss sent him to the self-storage facility to retrieve some archived files. That was hours ago…

 Find Stan »

#2 Do it like Dewey! 
Organize your files library-style

You may think that the Dewey Decimal System (DDS) is complicated and daunting to use. But you have to admit that it works. Any time you’ve needed a book (or any other media) in your school, college or public library, Dewey directed you to its location pretty quickly. The DDS is efficient, specific, repeatable and expandable-—all characteristics of the most effective business records management systems. Get six ways to do it like Dewey »

And the #1 most popular post of 2012 . . . Meet Coroman—he’s got your document management plan!

Sally’s the new girl in the office, but she might be an old lady before she finds the box her boss asked her to get out of the office storage room. Screech . . . help arrives »