Corodata is committed to being a California Green Company

When a Corodata truck drives away with your files and data, you can be confident that those confidential materials will be handled safely and securely. But beyond that, you can be assured of Corodata’s commitment to being a green company.

Corodata Green Initiative
Corodata Green California

Naturally California

Location, Location, Location. Blessed by California’s nearly perfect climate, Corodata has virtually no climate expenses.

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Comprehensive, Multi-Material Recycling Program

The clearest way in which we all help Mother Earth is by recycling. All of the paper Corodata shreds for its customers is later recycled. Hard drive and other non-paper materials are recycled to the extent that existing markets will allow. Corodata’s own cartons are made of recyclable materials and are recycled after they have served their purpose.

Corodata Green Energy

Energy Efficient Storage Facilities

As a pioneer in the information management industry, Corodata views the minimizing of fossil fuel consumption and electricity usage as a top priority. Through a variety of methods and equipment—such as isolated lighting technology—Corodata consumes only what is needed, conserving resources for generations to come.

Corodata Green Smog

Corodata’s Energy Efficient Trucks Are the Cleanest in the Industry

Our energy-efficient trucks provide a 58% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions.

Green Company

Certified California Green Company

Corodata is a certified California Green Business. This is a well-earned distinction resulting from of our commitment to industry leadership towards a green environment. We are serious and proactive in our methods, procedures and equipment. Our actions make us a unique business partner for clients who value sustainability and environmental preservation.