The Corodata Story

Corodata Team Over 60 Years AgoCorodata is the largest independent information management company in California, providing full information management services with an emphasis on client satisfaction. We focus on security, compliance, and peace of mind for while handling information through all stages. Throughout this process, we keep our clients at the center of company, not shareholders.

Who We Are:

We know we’re in the business of helping companies with information management, but we thought, why not take it a step further? Why not be more than just a face, an email, or a name? We knew if we wanted to stand apart in our service to clients, we had to have an internal environment that differed from others.

The values we live by are what set us apart in our goal to be the leading information management company in California.

We value community. We know our clients by name, not account numbers. All of our clients interact with their local support Corodata support team, oftentimes having a relationship comparable to a friendship. If there is ever a problem that needs resolving, our client service representatives are often able to resolve the issue right away without having to forward clients to management.

We value positivity. Our weekly meetings begin with each person sharing a good thing in their life, either work-related or personal. From college graduations to the birth of grandchildren and everything in between, like any other family, we share in each other’s successes and triumphs.

We value collaboration. Every month, we recognize the efforts of our staff that go above and beyond for their colleagues in the form of Corostars. Whether it’s employees working together to meet a project deadline or different departments coming together to help a client, we want to reward the extra mile our employees take to get the job done.

We value integrity. We always strive to be honest, caring, and smart when it comes to handling sensitive business information. But it also means we know what it’s like to just be human and have fun. Corodata parties give us the chance to meet the families of our coworkers and recognize another year’s efforts while looking forward to the New Year ahead. Each office is like a family of their own with potlucks, sporting events, coffee runs, breakfast days, and much more.

We value the environment. It’s important for us to preserve the world in which we live. This is why we use green business practices across our company. From energy-efficient storage facilities to low emissions vehicles, Corodata acts as a pioneer in making the information management industry eco-friendly.

Corodata Vision

Our vision is to be industry experts in information governance for California businesses.

Client Happiness & Security: We want all of our clients to be happy with the services they receive from us. For this to happen, we value the information our clients entrust us with and make it our top priority to ensure their data is protected at all times.

Collaboration: From our local customer service team to the president of Corodata, we all play an integral part in complete information management for California businesses.

Investments: No, we don’t mean the investments in stocks or bonds, but in our employees. Corodata was only able to become California’s largest privately owned information management company through the efforts of our employees. It is not uncommon for us to recognize several employees each month who are celebrating their 5, 10, 20, or even 30 year anniversary with us. Through our regular employee trainings, company events, and internal awards and recognition, our goal is that every team member is a part of something greater than just a job.