Be a hero: Get buy in for your records management program

The vast majority of records managers say they struggle to get buy in for records management programs. There’s never enough time, and there’s certainly never enough money. Throw in a “keep-everything” culture and deep resistance to change, and you’ve got a witches brew of problems that even the most spellbinding records professionals can’t seem to solve.

The numbers are haunting.

A recent survey of attendees at the National Conference on Managing Electronic Records found that seven out of 10 information professionals say lack of management buy in for records management actually prevents them from doing their jobs as well as they could. Eight out of ten say the leaders in their organizations don’t even recognize that IG and RIM require commitment and investment. Even more – 84% – say the deeper problem is resistance to change.

The solution? Get to the bottom line!

Information governance and records information management professionals need to position their work as exciting, important and critical to the company’s success. Here’s how.


Explain how you bring value to the company

Develop an internal marketing campaign that describes your work and the benefits it provides. Records management is about more than inventory and retention. Consider preparing a 30-second “elevator speech” that explains how you’re going to save the company money next year, or how you’re clearing out that old storage room to make room for a gym. On Halloween, dress up as Superman and explain how you’re saving the company from hackers, the modern-day Solomon Grundys of the internet. That will get you some serious buy in for records management.


Focus on how much you’re saving

If money talks, then saving money sings like Aretha Franklin in love. Sit down with a calculator and figure out exactly how much your company will save thanks to you and your team. When you’re done, calculate how much you could save if your company really invested in records management. A trusted records management partner like Corodata can help you create a cost savings plan. Doing the math isn’t easy, but if you want buy in for records management from your c-suite, you’ll have to start talking about return on investment. Ask yourself:


Share the benefits of a good security program

A well-structured records management program provides critical security benefits for your company, online and off. A trusted off-site storage partner will keep documents safe from theft and fire, and maintain restricted access. Professional data protection services protect against cyberattack and get your company back in business if your on-site computers get hacked. And when the auditor arrives, you can just call Corodata and request the records that save the day!

Are you ready for records management buy in?

Corodata can work with you to get buy in for records management with affordable, highly effective off-site storage – whether your records are online, offline or in a box. Yes, I’m ready

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