Corodata’s Portal Just Got Better

Use a sleek new client portal that consolidates your records management tasks in one place. Access your audit, inventory and impact reports; print out certificates of destruction, request a shredding service and download your scan-on-demand files.

Supplies and Services Request Form

Supplies and Services Request Form

Everything you need for orders, from tracking to autofill information is now accessible through the portal, too! It’s where you order your supplies—like records boxes, blueprint boxes, bar codes, and CoroSeals—and request services.

Records Storage Reports

Records Storage Reports

See and print a variety of reports when you need some quick information for a meeting, want to find out who has a document, or are in the middle of an audit.

Digital Access to Your Files and Documents

Digital Access to Your Files

When you need a document right away, we’ll scan it in and post the images to your vault. You’ll have access to your paper files anytime, anywhere, just like Sue, the Office Hero.

Shredding Services: Get Scheduled, Proof and Credit

Shredding: Get Scheduled, Proof and Credit

Print out a certificate of destruction, environmental impact report, and request additional pick-up shredding service at any time.

Notification and Order Status

New! Text Notification and Order Status

Now you can see your driver’s photo, planned delivery window, track their progress and order history and send real-time feedback.

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Corohub: Daily Records Storage

Corohub: Daily Records Storage

Request a file, schedule a pick up, order supplies, and manage files.

CoroHub North CoroHub South How-to Webinar On Demand

Corohub is now in the client Portal

To help make your job run even more smoothly, we have incorporated the Corohub into the client Portal.

You can now access Corohub through our new client portal. Clients have one place to go for secure shredding requests & reports, records storage audit reports, order and invoice history, CoroVault, and now Corohub!

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