Corodata Client Portal

You can manage your Corodata account online! Order boxes, retrieve a file, schedule pickups and update inventory. You can even create custom reports!

Daily Records Storage Management

Request a file, schedule a pick up, order supplies and manage your inventory lists. You can also track your day to day activity.

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Records Storage Audit Reports

Enjoy more control over your account and easier access to the reports you need. Create and run custom inventory, and audit reports.

Reports Login

Secure Shredding

Print out a certificate of destruction, environmental impact report, and request additional pick-up shredding service at any time.

Shredding Login

Free 30-minute Client Portal Webinar

Learn how to order a box or file, request a pick-up, and create your own inventory reports!


Access your CoroVault

Login to our document management solution to view all your electronically scanned and stored documents.

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View your automatic detailed backup status reports, track preconfigured policies, and growth data.

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