Cloud Storage is Not Backup: Find out why your business data may be at risk

Many people and even businesses use cloud storage because it’s convenient, easy to use and often free. Small businesses learn the hard way that cloud storage does not offer the same protection from accidental and costly disruptions as cloud backup. Businesses could be at risk for using cloud storage to protect business data. Learn how cloud storage is not backup. As your business continues to grow and prosper, it is wise to invest in a reliable and functional cloud service. While looking for the right cloud solution for your business, it is important to reflect on your business’s individual data storage and protection needs. Ultimately, the right cloud solution will help you work as efficiently as possible and ensure that your company’s information will always be protected.

Cloud Storage Defined

Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the internet, or “cloud.” It is maintained, operated and managed by a cloud storage service provider on a storage server that is built on virtualization techniques.

Here’s the top three reasons cloud storage is not backup

1. Recovery

How does a business restore data from a cloud storage provider? Many businesses have not asked this question until corruption has occurred. Some cloud storage providers offer restore solutions but this often times comes at a high price. CoroCloud excels in recovery. CoroCloud offers easy restore options from a single file to complete restore without needed an IT professional to help. In the event of a disaster, CoroCloud can send you a hard drive as quickly as the same day if the internet is down or if you don’t have enough bandwidth for the restore.

2. Full Backup Capabilities

Simply put, consumer cloud storage services do not have as many capabilities as CoroCloud. However, we recognize that your company computers likely hold sensitive files in locations other than your desktop. CoroCloud conducts a full automatic cloud backup from all of your computers so that you don’t have to worry about moving your files around — they will be backed up to CoroCloud wherever they are.

3. Historical Backups

Most retail cloud services don’t store your previous backups, as well as clearing the cloud of information that was stored only in your older backups. As a result, you no longer have access to your company’s historical records. At CoroCloud, we know that maintaining a backup of your data is very important to your company, regardless of whether that data is current or not. CoroCloud is powerful enough to store all of your older backups. Our backup and recovery process deduplicates, compresses, encrypts, and transmits data to one of our top-tier data centers. Should an emergency occur, we also guarantee fail-proof recovery. Our system supports bare metal recovery, file level recovery, and data restoration through the cloud. We can also recover your data using the CoroCloud infrastructure with our guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) in as little as an hour. As a CoroCloud customer, you will also have access to status backup reports, retrievals, and data growth information so that you can easily manage all of your data files.

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Corocloud, data backup and recovery is our expertise. We know that information security is of the utmost importance to your business, and we pride ourselves on our reliable cloud backup and restoration services.

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