Corodata and CA Counties Bring Mobile Vaccinations to Their Communities

Security and safety are at the heart of our business model. They’re also at the heart of our relationships—not just with the people who work for us and the people we serve, but throughout our beloved home state of California.

Even before President Biden’s new rules that all companies with more than 100 employees would have to either require them to be vaccinated or conduct frequent workforce testing, we were already taking steps to make it easier for our employees to get vaccinated —and help California achieve some of the country’s highest COVID-19 vaccination rates.

Here’s what we did and are still doing:

  • We teamed up with public health officials in San Diego, Santa Clara, Riverside, and Contra Costa counties to host mobile vaccination events in the parking lots at five of our facilities. Mobile vaccination vehicles staffed by county-paid health care professionals delivered doses of FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines to our employees, clients, people at nearby businesses, and anyone else who learned about the events on county websites or just happened to pass by.
  • We’ve been providing weekly training on the science behind the vaccines so our employees can feel more confident about getting them and encouraging others to do the same. We also urge our employees to wear masks and maintain a safe distance whenever possible, both at our facilities and on client sites.
  • Our Safety Director, Jeff Hobbs, continues to send out regular summaries of guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control so all of our people are up to date on the latest research into how we can best protect ourselves and each other.
  • We reward any Corodata employee who gets vaccinated or presents proof that they’ve been vaccinated elsewhere with a $100 incentive. That’s how serious we are about our responsibility to help California keep vaccinations high and infections low! We’re proud to say that 70% of Corodata employees have now been fully vaccinated, including 100% of employees at our San Jose location.

“This started out as the company trying to get as many of our own people vaccinated as possible, for safety and business reasons,” Hobbs says. “But it evolved into a community event that was even better than we’d planned on.”

Great Results and Exciting Future Plans

These vehicles have delivered vaccinations to a total of 35 Corodata employees and 45 walk-ins across all our locations – and provided COVID-19 testing to 220 people at the Riverside location alone.

We’re now talking to county officials about hosting events this winter for people to get tested and receive COVID-19 and flu shots at the same time, and we hope to offer COVID-19 booster shots in the future.

So if you haven’t already visited a mobile vaccination stand or told your friends and family about them, keep watching our website to find out when one will be pulling up at a Corodata location near you!

Continuing Our Support in Uncertain Times

We value your team’s health and safety as much as our own! That’s why we still offer no-contact delivery, at-home shredding, secure storage pick-ups, and other operational support services designed to protect your employees as well as your sensitive records.
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