Just the Basics Webinar for Online Document Management | Corodata

Corohub Webinar

Just the basics webinar for Corodata’s Corohub portal

Are you new to Corodata’s client portal or could you benefit from a refresher on how to use it? It’s easy to learn, and Corodata offers free weekly webinars for basic online document management use when it comes to your business’ records storage needs. In this 30-minute overview, you’ll learn how to order a box or file, request a pick-up, and create your own inventory reports.

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corodata review tips

Review Quick Tips

We’ll go over shortcuts and user tips on how your business can use the portal quickly and efficiently.

corodata place an order

How to Place an Order

Learn how to buy supplies, like boxes, barcodes and CoroSeals. You’ll also be able to schedule a pick-up for your boxes.

corodata search boxes and files

Search for Your Boxes & Files

We’ll show you how you can search your inventory database for a box, records, or any specific files that are needed.

corodata add new boxes

Add New Boxes to Inventory

If you have new boxes that need to be placed into storage, you can go online and add your boxes and the descriptions of their contents into your online inventory. Once you add it to your inventory, you can submit a request for pick-up. Or, you can log which boxes you’ve sent to storage.


Create Custom Reports

You can create a custom report to find out who in your company has requested and received boxes, when, and how often. You can also search when your boxes were added, and even create a report to help you with your retention scheduling.

Do You Learn Better 1-on-1?

We’ll provide a more in-depth review of how you can use the client portal—teaching you step-by-step how to customize for your unique workflow, and giving you the opportunity to ask questions in real-time.