Data breach webinar hosted by Corodata in Partnership with Carbonite.

Data Breach Webinar

Sharpen your company’s defenses against data breaches

Data breaches are impacting all businesses. Just recently, Equifax was the target of a massive data breach compromising over 140 million people’s personal information. Data security has never been more important as companies look for ways to protect their data from digital thieves. In this data breach webinar, we’ll review best practices and how our trusted partner, Carbonite can help.

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Ransomware Webinar

Protect Your Data

We’ll go over ways to protect against a breach.

financial institution Case Study

Review Best Practices

Learn the importance of having a backup in place

corodata partnership with Carbonite

How Carbonite Can Help

We’ll show you how our trusted partner has helped millions of companies.

About the Featured Presenter

Jason Earley is a Senior Solutions Engineer for Carbonite. He helps customers design solutions to protect and quickly recover their critical systems and data in the event of a disaster. He served ten years in the United States Air Force with increasing levels of responsibility for Communications and Computer Operations, including messaging and systems administration for 6,000 users. Previously, Jason led the Evault Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR) team and supervised EVault Technical Support Engineers. He holds a Master’s of Biotechnology Management.

About Evault now Carbonite

Evault now Carbonite is the leading provider of cloud and disaster recovery solutions for small and midsized businesses. Carbonites proven technology offers scalable appliances, advanced disaster recovery service capabilities, functionality for larger businesses complex environment, and simple backup and recovery for personal use. Carbonite now supports more than 1.5 million individuals and small businesses around the world.

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