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Data Protection

Guard your data in the event of a disaster

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Professional Data Protection

Corodata is your clear choice for data protection. Many businesses never entirely recover from a data disaster – losing orders, contracts, or key employees and may go out of business resulting in lost jobs and services to the community – which is why data protection is an absolute necessity if you want to safeguard your business.


Offsite Media Storage and Rotation

Corodata offers custom offsite media storage services for your data on magnetic tape, cartridges, optical media, and other types of physical backups.

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Cloud Backup

CoroCloud is a secure cloud service that provides your business with data recovery, backs-up your files, and protects your confidential information.

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Ransomware Defense Webinar

Protect your data. Learn how to protect your business in the event of a ransomware attack.

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With Corodata Data Protection you’ll receive:

Corodata offers data protection with offsite climate controlled Firelock vaults equipped with clean agent fire suppression and automated cloud-based backup solutions that allow restoration of your backups.


Uncompromised Protection

Corodata ensures our clients’ security with thorough security initiatives in our facilities, vaults, vehicles, employee’s, chain of custody, and third party audits.
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Vault Security

Corodata Firelock vaults are designed with the highest levels of industry standards in mind.
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Compliance Achievements

At Corodata, we strive for the highest levels of certification in compliance, meeting and exceeding legal requirements.

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We are the largest independently owned information management company in California with over 60 years of experience.

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