Offsite Media Storage & Rotation

offsite media storage

If your business depends on physical offsite media storage, rather than cloud storage, Corodata offers custom offsite data storage services for your data on magnetic tape, cartridges, optical media, and other types of physical backups for California businesses.

Our offsite data storage facilities are designed and built expressly for storing critical information while preserving and guarding electronic media. With our data offsite media storage and rotation services, and flexible delivery options, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have access to your critical data when you need it most.

Benefits of Offsite Media Storage & Rotation

Offsite data storage services are the single most important investment you can make in your organization. Companies exposed to data loss and breaches suffer severe disruption, seven-figure regulatory penalties, and a loss of consumer confidence. Offsite data backup storage and disaster recovery empower businesses to rely not just on secure cloud storage but on physical storage.

Organizations ranging from the smallest businesses to multinational corporations must all comply with the standards on data security and offsite media storage from Corodata can enable total compliance. Here are just some of the benefits of offsite data storage services with Corodata, and the competitive advantages and safeguards you can avail yourself of.

  • Offsite data storage facilities with fire-proof and climate-controlled vaults for physical media
  • Offsite data backup services with GPS tracking for all fleet vehicles
  • Inventory audits and tracking for the best offsite data backup solutions
  • Employee background checks for security and to ensure offsite data storage best practices
  • Redundancy, and dual backup systems, for increased data protection and resiliency
  • 24/7 access to your data so your offsite secure data backup is fully accessible to you
  • Data recovery directly from cloud back-ups and offsite tape vaulting services
  • Annual SSAE18 Type II and HIPAA audits, for quality assurance of the best offsite data storage services

Safe and Secure Offsite Data Storage

secure offsite tape and media storage As an offsite data storage company, your data protection is our top concern. We maintain strict quality standards in our vaults, our servers and software, our vehicle fleet, and our people. We follow the stringent guidelines of HIPAA, SSAE18, and other regulations in order to keep ourselves firmly in compliance and to keep your data as secure, defended, and protected as possible.

Offsite data storage for business is not purely about the security of the storage facility. Corodata guarantees end-to-end security, with GPS-tracked transportation vans, background-checked employees, and a complete audit trail for every storage action we carry out.

Your offsite data storage backup receives the same care and attention from the moment our employees arrive at your facility to begin transporting your most sensitive data to offsite storage. Corodata serves businesses of all sizes across California, from San Jose to San Diego.

Cost Effective Offsite Media Storage

By trusting Corodata to manage your data protection, you will get the best possible offsite data backup solutions, and the most secure possible systems, at the best possible offsite data storage cost. Corodata does not lock you in with long-term contracts, or tack on additional fees. You will only pay for the services you want, and we guarantee that Corodata can beat any competitor’s rates.

The same compliance requirements apply to all businesses in every sector. Likewise, the same potential penalties apply, whether you are a one-man operation or a huge corporation with hundreds of employees.

So, we also believe in offering the same standard of physical data storage, regardless of your budget. Our customized offsite data storage solutions are designed to suit your needs, so you only pay for the services you require, whether you require offsite data tape storage or a hybrid solution.

Speak to our offsite media storage experts to learn more about creating a customized storage plan for your organization. For the highest level of data protection, choose Corodata.