Offsite Tape Storage Management

offsite tape storage Corodata offers free TapeTrack-Lite software to all offsite tape storage customers. TapeTrack-Lite facilitates the management of tape inventory, allows you create reports, schedule deliveries or pickups, and easily view or submit a service request.

Key Benefits

  • Tape automation in the Data Center
  • Frees up expensive technical resources
  • Interfaces to Corodata’s, automates the tape cycling process
  • Enterprise view of all tapes from all systems, in all locations, including offsite
  • Barcode scanning of all tapes as they move between Data Centers and offsite
  • Every tape has an audit trail, with date and time stamps
  • Assists with Sarbanes Oxley compliance
  • Fast and accurate for Data Recovery

Easy To Use

There is no need for ongoing updating, the automated software set up by Corodata at the time of implementation, ensures the right tapes are sent offsite when needed. When the scheduled delivery is due, trained Corodata staff pick the correct tapes — confirm by barcode scanner — securely pack them for delivery in custom designed satchels or boxes and transport them in specially equipped vehicles. While onsite, the Corodata driver meets with the customer’s authorized personnel, delivers the correct tapes and collects the fresh tapes for secure storage. Once back at the vault, the computer media is placed in the correct position in the tape racks using three checking levels:
  • Each media item is assigned it’s own slot location
  • Vault staff are directed to the correct rack location by the TapeTrack software
  • Vault staff are then instructed to the slot location for 100% accurate storage

TapeTrack “The process”

Here we can see the lifecycle of a backup tape using TapeTrack for offsite tape storage clients: Tape Track Cycle Vault Management Technology
Please note, Corodata is also able to track and coordinate the movement and storage of container level storage of media.