Top 6 Data Protection Statistics of 2018

We’ve pulled together six of the most important, informative and astonishing data protection statistics of 2018. These shocking statistics show just how important data protection really is and the effect on companies. From staggering losses caused by ransomware and cybersecurity attacks to the pennies we spend on tape storage, our top statistics of 2018 will have you rethinking the way you work.

96.3 Billion

The amount spent by businesses worldwide on cybersecurity, a 17% increase over 2017.

$8 Million

The estimated cost of ransomware in 2018. Online hackers still make a tidy profit by taking your data hostage and demanding a ransom to return it to you. The takeaway: Back up your mission-critical information on a schedule.


Estimated number of cyberattacks in 2018.


Percentage of malware delivered by email. This happens when someone opens an email from an untrustworthy source. It’s still the #1 way cybercriminals get a foothold in business networks.


Percentage of US firms that suffered a data breach in 2018, a nearly twofold (from 24%) increase over 2017.


Percentage of IT professionals who said their company does not have a formal plan if a cybersecurity incident should occur.

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