Do’s & Dont’s For Electronic Media Storage And Rotation

Dos And Don’ts of Proper Electronic Media Storage And Rotation

Successfully managing the modern world of risk means that vital information must be protected and accessible at a moment’s notice. Use the following dos and don’ts as a planning guide for electronic media storage. [toggle title=”Dos”]
  • Do make sure that the media storage center has state of the art software to manage the electronic media accurately
  • Do review the company’s process for inbound and outbound electronic media.
  • Do look for electronic media storage centers with vault storage systems that can provide complete environmental control for your sensitive electronic media.
  • Do make sure the system ensures constant, consistent and reliable temperature and humidity control with multiple automatic alarm settings for high and low temperature and high and low humidity.
  • Do look for dry fire suppression systems, with sensors and dispensers placed throughout the protected area. At Corodata, we use gaseous fire protection systems that will not leave either liquid or solid residues, ensuring electronic media is not harmed or damaged.
  • Do provide the storage facility with a complete list of personnel who are authorized to retrieve or remove electronic media.
  • Do make sure to have multiple forms of back up
[toggle title=”Don’ts”] [list style=”cross”]
  • Don’t procrastinate. In case of a disaster, off-site storage of your data can be a business lifesaver. It can help keep your business operating during and following a crisis.
  • Don’t just assign a person to make back-ups and then take the electronic media home with them. This can be a problem if the person is in an accident or becomes disgruntled with the company.
  • Don’t just check to see if your email provider or another Web vendor offers online document storage. Consider how secure the storage site is before scanning and uploading your documents.

Did you know?

According to recent statistics, 71% of companies whose data processing facility is destroyed by fire or other disasters never recover from the loss, or fail within three years. Click here to for the Top Ten Records Storage Mistakes that companies make.

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Our off-site data protection services offer an environmentally-controlled and secure location for your digital and magnetic media. Corodata helps protect your critical data with:
  • Scheduled data rotation
  • Media storage containers
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Business continuity planning
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