Do’s & Dont’s For Shredding

What you need to know about Proper Document Shredding

Crimes such as identity theft, business espionage and financial fraud are on the rise. To protect personal and sensitive information pertaining to your business, in-house or off-site document shredding is a must. Consider these dos and don’ts.

  • Do a once a year purge of information that should no longer be kept
  • Do strategic shredding before you relocate to a new office
  • Do shred old price lists, proposals and invoices
  • Do shred old customer information, customer lists and database printouts
  • Do shred old credit card receipts, payroll records and financial statements
[toggle title=”Don’ts”] [list style=”cross”]
  • Don’t accept strip shedding
  • Don’t shred only once a year
  • Don’t accept uncertified destruction services

Did you know?

When there is a lawsuit, your business records – including copies that individuals have retained and any items deleted from the system – may be identified as discoverable. Knowing what to keep and what to destroy is vitally important. Click here to learn about the top ten Record Storage mistakes that businesses make. To discuss your Record Storage needs, please call Corodata today at 888-238-8088 or contact Corodata by online form to begin a conversation.