Save the Earth, Host a Shred Day

Once again, in honor of #EarthDay, many of our clients made an effort to promote a healthy and sustainable environment by organizing a paper shredding event.

Professional paper shredding is an eco-friendly way to destroy confidential documents securely while protecting our planet—it de-clutters, boosts morale and is 100% recycled. At this time last year, we shared five creative ways that California businesses made secure paper shredding available for customers and the community by hosting a shred day.

Here’s your chance to make any day Earth Day with some old goodies and a couple of new twists on hosting a shred day.


It’s easy being green

If your company has a green initiative that includes recycling a certain amount of paper each year, then hosting a shred day will help you reach that goal. Collect as many must-shred documents as you can, invite your clients to join you, and crank up the fun with food, drinks, and music.

Go even greener by partnering with a certifiably green company like Corodata. 100% of the paper in consoles is shredded, and recycled. Last year, our clients collectively saved 76,500 trees, 31M gallons of water, and 450,000 cubic yards of landfill space.


Lunch, learn, shred

Employees are more likely to remember the importance of shredding sensitive documents if you give them lunch while you teach them. With data breaches exposing close to 179 million records in 2017, a data protection lunch and learn would give your employees an opportunity to learn about the steps that they can take to better protect their data, including what can be thrown away and what to shred. Hire a taco truck, and, when everyone’s had their fill, start feeding those ever-hungry-shredders.

Ready to host a shred day? Corodata can help

It’s easy to set up an onsite shredding event with Corodata. We’ve got Shred Trucks and a team of shredding experts ready to go. We’ll even help you spread the word to your customers.

schedule your own shred event


Friendly inter-office competition

Inter-office competitions are a great way to generate more team cohesion and morale. Take a cue from this sustainable waste management business that organized a successful company-wide recycling competition by pitting one floor or department against another. The sky is the limit on the type of competitions you can host. Turn this into a shredding competition between offices to see how many locking shred bins each office can fill up.

Make sure to include your what to shred poster in your game announcement. Give the winning office a “work remotely” day. Added benefit: you spare the planet a bunch of car exhaust it doesn’t need.


Shred for good

Yes, shredding is good for the planet, employee morale, and operational efficiency. It can also help a good cause. In addition to inviting customers and residents to come out for a day of document destruction, you can team up with an eco-friendly charity and raise some money. Set an ambitious goal for how many pounds of paper. Then, for every pound of documents shredded, have your company donate a certain amount to the charity (such as $2/lbs).


Meet new clients

Banks and credit unions host shred days to encourage customers to destroy sensitive paper documents—like bank records and credit card statements—in a secure way. This helps raise awareness about the importance of protecting your data on a regular basis while minimizing risk for both the company and the customer, a real win-win. The earth wins too: You’ll be recycling all that unwanted paper waste. Open up the shred day to the community to spread goodwill and meet potential new clients.

Do you know what you are supposed to be shredding?

As your company grows and industry regulations change, shredding protocols have also adapted. How knowledgeable are your employees about these practices?