Your Favorite Articles of 2014

Looking back at 2014: Here are the articles you read the most.

With the curtain quickly closing on 2014, we thought you might like to revisit (and perhaps get a little refresher on) our hottest newsletter topics of the year. As you read, remember that 2014’s top topics will still matter in 2015—and that Corodata will be here to help you meet every data storage need.  

#5 “HIPAA—What’s coming in 2015?”

Make a resolution to continue HIPAA compliance in 2015. In this article, you will learn how to stay current with HIPAA guidelines regarding business contingency planning, electronic health records technology, and business associates. Stay HIPPA compliant »  

#4 “Data Breaches: Risks Around Your Office You Never Thought Of”

Data breaches can happen when you least expect it. On the Web, in emails or on printed pages, your information is vulnerable to a variety of risks.  Learn how to better protect your information—and your business. Don’t put your files at risk »  

#3 “Make Even More Space In Your Office”

Space…the final frontier. Yet there’s never enough of it! Office clutter looks terrible. It robs your workplace of productivity. And it creates a negative image of your business in the eyes of your clients. Start cleaning up your act—learn how, now. Start the new year with a clean slate »  

#2 “Self Storage Nightmares”

Self storage for sensitive data—what could possibly go wrong? Break-ins, for starters: Forty-three facilities surveyed in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose have reported 27 break-ins this year. Worse, they don’t provide any insurance to renters. Need more reasons think twice about self storage? Read on. Get the whole story »  

And the #1 most popular post of 2014: “Why is it important to destroy documents according to retention schedules?”

The short answer is: to stay on the right side of the law. Sounds simple enough until you’re the one trying to manage it all. Read about how misappropriation of information can hurt you or your business, and learn how a standard document retention schedule can provide a solution. Get in compliance, now »