Your Favorite Articles of 2015

Looking back at 2015: Here are the articles you read the most.

2015 is almost in the books, and we’re willing to bet that you’re as filled up with records storage knowledge as you are of your grandma’s famous pumpkin pie. But in case you missed any highlights, here’s a little refresher on the most-read Corodata articles of 2015.

#5 To Ring in the New Year, Archive Your Old Files

It’s only fitting for this post to make the Top Five. Let’s face it, you don’t need every last document that’s marked “2015.” Pack them away in a box, label it, log it and store it. Your files will be where you want them when you need them. Get organized »  

#4 Five steps to protect your business from data leaks

If you think only hackers cause data leaks, think again. Paper documents in your office represent a serious, significant risk of a data breach. But when you give all your workers accountability for document security, you’ll significantly reduce that risk. Take these five steps »  

#3 HIPAA Violation Horrors

HIPAA compliance is hard work! It requires storing your physical and digital files securely, having a designated person responsible for HIPAA compliance in your office, and doing your due diligence to make sure that personal files are not easily accessible by unauthorized people. If you’re not compliant, however, the cost could be your company’s reputation, or worse. Steer clear of these HIPAA horrors »  

#2 You know which documents need to be kept. But do your employees know?

Each person may have their own ideas—or worse, their own guesses—about which paper documents they should be shredding. Get everyone on the same page with our free “What to Shred” poster. Download the “What to Shred” poster, now »

And the #1 most popular post of 2015: A five-step shredding crash course for employees

In many businesses, most employees have no idea about the security risks in every stack of papers that crosses their desks. A company-wide document shredding policy is your first line of defense against data breaches. To create a more “shred-aware” workplace, start with our five-step crash course. Get “shred aware” »