Data protection webinar hosted by Corodata in Partnership with SOD.

Free Webinar: Ransomware – A Cautionary Tale

Sharpen your company’s defense against ransomware attacks in 2020!

Businesses are being threatened from all sides by data breaches and ransomware. Ransomware these days is less targeted and more widespread. Hackers are less concerned about what your organization does and are waiting to exploit vulnerabilities. Our Free Data Protection Webinar will review best practices and how our trusted partner, Security On-Demand can help.

Join us for this data protection webinar on December 19 at 11:00 AM – 11:35 AM PST to learn about:

Data Protection Webinar

Protect Your Data

We’ll go over ways to protect against a breach.

SAMSAM Ransomware Use Case

Review Best Practices

Learn the importance of having a backup in place

corodata partnership with Security On-Demand

How SOD Can Help

We’ll show you how our trusted partner has helped millions of companies.


About the Featured Presenter

Steven Bay is the Director of Threat Intelligence at Security On-Demand, where he leads a team providing threat intelligence and hunting services. With over 15 years in cybersecurity, his career has spanned government, enterprise and consulting services. For a majority of his career, he served as an Analyst supporting the NSA via the US Air Force and Booz Allen Hamilton. While at Booz Allen, he served as Edward Snowden’s boss just prior to Snowden’s flight from the United States. Following his time supporting the agency, he designed and implemented information security programs for Fortune-500 companies and served as a CISO. He holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and an MA in international relations from Webster University.

About Security On-Demand (SOD).

Security On-Demand is an award winning “Security-as-a-Service” solutions company based in San Diego, California. SOD provides 24×7 advanced cyber-threat detection services for businesses and government agencies. Their solutions include 24×7 advanced threat monitoring and detection, network intrusion protection, log analysis, and regulatory compliance solutions. SOD’s ThreatWatch platform reduces time to detection, lowers the cost of threat analysis by filtering out false positives and speeds the time to detection and remediation.

About Corodata

Corodata is California’s largest privately held information management company since 1948. With over 10,000 clients and five facilities throughout the state, we are a full records and information company with a focus on providing outstanding local customer servic Corodata provides secure destruction, offsite record storage, imaging, data protection, and cloud backup services.

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