Banking Records Management

Imagine having all the convenience of immediate access to any financial record, without having to worry about security, overflowing storage space, or spending hours tracking down an elusive file.

We take care of your banking records, so you can take care of your clients

Corodata’s comprehensive suite of banking records management services can make that dream a reality. At Corodata, we have the training, the accreditation, and the infrastructure to securely manage and store the financial records that your business depends on.

Our objective is simple – we aim to deliver the best possible service at the best possible price, all without compromising security, integrity, and order.

easy retrieval

Actively retrieve banking records

File retrieval is just as easy – any single document, file, or whole box, can be delivered to you whenever you need, and on a flexible schedule. With extensive security protocols and a complete chain of custody, you never need to worry about your records during storage or transit.

banking records management

Properly retain archived banking records

Rather than wasting valuable office space on records storage, squandering time combing through boxes, let Corodata help with your banking records management. Our expert team will pick up your complete file archives, barcode, and add your items into our inventory management system.


SSAE 18 Type II Compliant

Kirpatrick Price works with Corodata to internally audit our policies and procedures demonstrating we have the proper controls in place. They have deemed us complaint for SSAE 18 by following a documented process.

Hiring process

Stringent Hiring Process

All Corodata services are performed by Corodata employees, who go through rigorous background checks performed by Insite Investigations. Some of the checks performed include: 7 year count and nationwide criminal search, employment verification for the past 7 years, and E-Verify program. All personnel are uniformed and badged at all times, and trained weekly.


Shredding for Secure Destruction

Safeguard your business with Corodata shredding services. We offer secure paper shredding and media destruction options for when your documents have reached retention. Secure shredding keeps you in compliance and helps you to avoid disasters like data breaches and identity theft.

scan on demand

High Volume Imaging

Most businesses don’t have the infrastructure or technology to efficiently handle high volume imaging of documents and records. With Corodata high volume imaging solutions, we will integrate your documents and records into a fully searchable database. Your important information will be readily available and accessible whenever you need it.

We’re the experts in Banking Records Management

We’ve been in business for 68 years, and we’ve got a proven track record of security, regulatory compliance, and success. By partnering with Corodata, you receive the benefits of:

  • Increased security
  • Secure facilities with 24/7 video surveillance monitoring
  • The expertise of skilled employees trained specifically in records management
  • Excellent customer service and quality care
  • State of the art scanning technology
  • Easy online access to your records via our web portal
  • Full regulatory compliance with certifications such as HIPAA, FACTA, FDA, and more

Specialize in storing

  • Contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Accounting records
  • Personnel files