Corodata serves Enterprises in California


Are You After the Sizzle, or the Steak?

Some information management firms think larger enterprises care more that their vendor has a global footprint, a stock market symbol, or sizzling marketing campaigns, than about excellent local service.

We KNOW better.

Organizational niceties are, well, nice, but they are never worth sacrificing: The kicker is that even though they should, economies of scale don’t always translate into the lowest price, so larger enterprises may end up paying just as much or more for less when it comes to service, if they work with a giant information management firm.

We DO better.

If you’re a large enterprise, you have enough to worry about—your records management vendor should solve problems for you, not add to them. Compared to smaller organizations, you need: At Corodata, enterprise-level capability, scalability and world-class facilities and technology meet service that is fully-customizable, Individually-tailored and personal. Best of all, we provide great value, including the lowest round-trip rates in our industry.

Better is PERSONAL.

When we say personal service, we mean it– your people will get to know our people well, because it will always be the same individuals taking care of them. We schedule around YOUR needs, not the other way around– that’s what our larger enterprise customers love most about working with us, and that’s why we won’t ever serve you any other way.


Our footprint covers California and beyond, thanks to our comprehensive networks of allies that share our dedication to outstanding service, so you’ll always enjoy the same service level a small, local firm would deliver no matter where you are or how many locations you have.

Let us do BETTER for YOU!

Please contact us today and tell us more about what you need, where and how– we’ll be happy to develop a custom service plan that will get to the meat of the matter, and help you solve your records management problems around the region or across the nation while giving you better service AND excellent value!