“To serve, protect… and keep forever (it seems).” No wonder government and public sector organizations need a little help with their records!

Government & Public IndustryYou are, after all, in the BUSINESS of generating and storing records—you need that information to operate, you’re accountable to the public for everything you do so you have to document it and make it available quickly and affordably and to top it off, you also have a unique responsibility to preserve historical data for future generations. It’s a formula for a records management nightmare and outrageous expenses without help.

A little professional help to get and stay organized can go a LONG way…

Fighting to organize and maintain a massive records stockpile may be an inescapable mandate, but it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task. With the right partner and the right tools, including some state-of-the-art technology, it’s possible to create and keep order in the chaos of all those records. Corodata uses the latest inventory tracking, indexing, scanning and bar-coding tools to help you get and stay organized. Once your records are properly set up with us, we’ll always know exactly where they are—no more disappearing records!

Ask and you shall receive— however and whenever you want to!

With Corodata, you don’t fill out requisition forms in triplicate to request your records—you just ask. You can call us, fax us, or email us, whichever you prefer, and we’ll deliver your records to you in whatever format you request (digital, paper, by email or online), whenever you want them there. When you work with us, you won’t see a parade of nameless, faceless people – you’ll work with the same people every day, who will get to know you and your needs personally, and will then make exceeding your expectations their top priority. That’s how we treat all of our public sector customers, and they love it—so will you!

With us, security isn’t a state of mind– it’s a state of being.

We help customers in every industry comply with security and privacy regulations each day, and your records will be handled with the same industry-leading care and attention to protocols and best practices. We help you meet your duty to the public to protect their personal privacy while compiling public data—it’s easier to comply with requirements when you already have proven systems in place and a highly-trained staff helping you!

Let us help, without busting your budget!

At Corodata, we provide world-class service using the latest technology, yet we do it at reasonable prices even strapped public sector and governmental customers can afford. If you’re ready to meet your deadlines, stay in budget, and serve the public, please contact us to learn more about our cost-effective, secure solutions to your records management challenges!