Medical Record Storage

Your patients don’t just rely on you to take good care of them physically and emotionally—they also expect you to safeguard their most private information, and so does HIPAA.

We take care of your medical record storage, so you can take care of your patients

The problem is that managing the sheer volume of medical records within any healthcare organization or practices is no easy task. Not only do medical charts need to be stored and filed to retain premium patient care, but medical records may also need to be scanned—and eventually destroyed to meet regulatory standards.

medical record storage

Actively retrieve medical records

We understand that your schedule may often be dictated by your patients’ emergency needs. As a result, you’re always able to request and receive records at any time. Using our advanced barcode technology, we can efficiently store and track medical records and charts, which enables fast retrieval, anytime you need them.

xray file

Properly retain archived records and x-rays

Sensitive documents such as X-rays are stored in our climate-controlled vault to ensure documents are safe from damage.

hipaa compliant

Stay in compliance with HIPAA & HITECH

Regulatory requirements are constantly changing. It is vital that your records management partner stays on top of the latest HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements, and has the latest technology and best practices to keep your medical records organized and efficient.

electronic medical records

Easily transition to Electronic Medical Records

We offer high-volume patient chart scanning which enables you to retrieve medical records directly from your desktop or EMR system, in addition to scan-on-demand retrieval in order to deliver stored, paper-based records and charts to you electronically.


Shredding for Secure Destruction

Safeguard your business with Corodata shredding services. We offer secure paper shredding and media destruction options for when your documents have reached retention. Secure shredding keeps you in compliance and helps you to avoid disasters like data breaches and identity theft.

scan on demand

High Volume Imaging

Most businesses don’t have the infrastructure or technology to efficiently handle high volume imaging of documents and records. With Corodata high volume imaging solutions, we will integrate your documents and records into a fully searchable database. Your important information will be readily available and accessible whenever you need it.

We’re the experts in medical records storage management

Businesses and organizations trust Corodata with records and documents containing their most sensitive information because they know we’re a company they can trust. By partnering with Corodata, you receive the benefits of:

  • Automatic compliance with regulatory agencies such as HIPAA
  • Secure facilities with 24/7 video surveillance monitoring
  • The expertise of skilled employees trained specifically in records management
  • Excellent customer service and quality care
  • State of the art scanning technology
  • Easy online access to your records via our web portal
  • Certifiably green practices with our company-wide environmental sustainability protocols
  • Sophisticated database management system thtat’s the product of decades of experience

Specialize in storing

  • Medical charts
  • Contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Accounting records
  • Personnel files

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