Medical Records Storage

Your patients don’t just rely on you to take good care of them physically and emotionally—they also expect you to safeguard their most private information, and so does HIPAA. We understand this incredible importance, which is why we take medical records storage extremely seriously here at Corodata. Healthcare organizations in California can be sure their vital patient information is in the hands of professionals with the expertise and best practices needed to properly store and manage it.

We take care of your medical records storage, so you can take care of your patients.

Managing patient records within a healthcare organization or practice is no easy task, due to the sheer volume of information. Not only do medical charts need to be filed in a way that maintains premium medical care for patients; medical records may also need to be scanned — and eventually destroyed — in order to meet HIPAA regulations for medical records storage.

This requires an infrastructure capable of taking care of storage, scanning, shredding and general hospital records management. We make this as easy as possible by offering comprehensive services, able to handle all of the aforementioned needs and more.

From HIPAA-certified medical records storage to simple accessibility and eventually, destruction, we’ve got you covered, while also ensuring patients’ sensitive information is protected to the fullest extent.

medical record storage

Actively retrieve medical records

We understand your schedule is dictated by your patients’ needs. As a result, you’re always able to request and retrieve records at any time. Using our advanced barcode technology, we can efficiently store and track medical records and charts, which enables fast retrieval, anytime you need them.

xray file

Properly retain archived records and x-rays

Sensitive documents, such as X-rays, are stored in our climate-controlled vault to ensure documents are safe from damage. This vault is constantly being digitally monitored and includes restricted access, only available to those with the proper security clearance. Those who do have access must undergo stringent background checks and routine training sessions on how to manage medical records.

hipaa compliant

HITECH and HIPAA Compliant Storage

If you’re a health organization, complying with HIPAA medical record storage requirements is not optional. It’s mandatory to stay in business, but also to protect patients’ information. At Corodata, we’re constantly striving for the highest levels of certification to not only meet, but exceed legal requirements for handling sensitive information. We’ve been certified by some of the industry’s top compliance organizations, such as KirkpatrickPrice, HIPAA, SSAE-18, Six Sigma, the National Association for Information Destruction, and PCI DSS.

electronic medical records

Easily transition to Electronic Medical Records

We offer high-volume patient chart scanning which enables you to retrieve medical records directly from your desktop or EMR system, in addition to scan-on-demand retrieval in order to deliver stored, paper-based records and charts to you electronically. This allows immediate access to any document you need, rather than wasting valuable time scuffling through storage to find the physical document. We also don’t require you to purchase any software or hardware upfront. Our pay-as-you-go approach makes for a very cost-efficient experience.


Medical Document Shredding

Medical records shredding is one of the most important aspects of safe data handling. While it’s important to keep information protected while in use, it’s just as important to ensure it’s properly destroyed when you no longer need it. And because there are multiple ways to store information, we offer multiple shredding options, including paper, hard drives, and other media. After we successfully complete all of your HIPAA-compliant shredding needs, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction for audit and proof of compliance purposes.

scan on demand

Medical Records Scanning

Medical record scanning and storage is important for every medical organization and practice. And every single step of the process needs to be compliant with HIPAA regulations to keep information safe. This is why we’re dedicated to making sure your documents are scanned both perfectly and reliably on the first try. We also handle the filing, creating a searchable database for easy access. At Corodata, we have increased security practices and high-quality scanning to guarantee you get the best high-volume imaging for important medical records, while still protecting your data.

What separates us from other medical records storage companies?

Businesses and organizations choose Corodata over other medical records management companies because they know they can trust us. By partnering with Corodata, you receive the benefits of:

  • Automatic compliance with regulatory agencies, such as HIPAA
  • Secure facilities with 24/7 video surveillance monitoring
  • The expertise of skilled employees trained specifically in records management
  • Excellent customer service and quality care
  • State of the art scanning technology
  • Easy online access to your records via our web portal
  • Certifiably green practices with our company-wide environmental sustainability protocols
  • Sophisticated database management system that’s the product of decades of experience

Specializing in medical records storage

  • Medical charts
  • Contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Accounting records
  • Personnel files

Services we offer

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