Real Estate & Mortgage Industry served in California by Corodata

Real Estate/Mortgage

How would you like to NEVER search for another missing transaction file again?

Sounds good, right? Impossible, but good. Real Estate & Mortgage IndustryMaybe it’s not so impossible after all. You could know exactly where every single transaction file for every single client since the day you started in the Real Estate/Mortgage industry is at a moment’s notice, without having to spend even a second looking through file drawers and boxes. The process when you need a file? Ask and get it. Fast.

Yes, really. We’ll keep them THAT organized.

Your documents could be secure, there when you want them, out of the way when you don’t, and available on-demand delivered to you physically or digitally . Time needed from you to make it happen: two minutes to call us and ask for our help, or email when convenient, or online through our portal, or even fax.

Just say the word and we’re on It. And you’re on to more important things, like closing deals.

At Corodata, we understand how critical your transaction documents are, and what you need from your records management partner. No matter what, you need your records to be: And you would prefer to not have to take out a second mortgage yourself to get that kind of service. With Corodata, you don’t have to. We give you:

The service you deserve, delivered how and when you want it.

We serve you the way YOU want, when YOU want, without any disruption to your day. And since the same people are taking care of you every day, we know how you like to operate and make it so, so easy.

The security you need to help you get (and stay) compliant.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a stringent chain of custody, providing protection for confidential information before, during and after file transfer, and rigorous security measures to prevent unauthorized access across-the-board. Our online system (delivered at no charge) will enable your team to use a robust database virtually anyway you want.

The best value around.

We’ve already created our world-class systems and protocols for others. We’ll be happy to leverage them for you. It’s like getting the benefits of having top-of-the-line tires on your car without having to pay for the invention of the wheel.

Isn’t it time you closed the deal on better records management?

The #1 comment we hear from our current customers is that they can’t believe the time and stress we save them, and they can’t believe it doesn’t cost more. If you take the time to do your due diligence before signing a contract with a records management vendor, you’ll find that Corodata is head-and-shoulders above the rest. Don’t sign on the bottom line with anyone else until you contact us to learn more about how “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t have to turn into “out of luck” when you really need those transaction records yesterday!