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Each day your business creates data, whether it be client files, personnel documents, financial data or legal information. Keeping up with these records is crucial, yet can be challenging. Aside from having the proper amount of space it takes to securely store documents, you also need to have an organizational system in place that allows you to locate, retrieve and share your business records. Corodata provides a records management solution that combines offsite storage, inventory tracking, and seamless access to your business documents and files. As California’s largest independent records and information management provider, we’ve worked with businesses across a wide range of industries, helping them to meet the demands of:
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Privacy protection regulations
  • Operational and administrative requirements
  • Disaster recovery objectives
We provide a tailored approach that allows for better protection and organization of your records without ignoring your budgetary requirements.

Protection and preservation of your business records

In addition to any internal audit requirements your business may have, you also have an obligation to protect and preserve your records. Several regulations, including the following, outline the penalties for failure to do so:
  • SOX
  • GLB
  • SEC
Ironically, since these laws were enacted, incidences of data breaches have actually increased. With companies everywhere becoming prime targets for theft of corporate and consumer information, it’s ever more important that you protect your business records. Corodata’s offsite records storage service provides a safe and secure repository for your documents and files during the duration of the retention life cycle. Our records center is designed for long-term storage of archival paper records as well as active hard copy documents and files. We equipped our facility with the following features:
  • Continuous fire protection and prevention monitoring
  • Video surveillance technology
  • Keyless, auto-locking doors
  • Controlled and regulated access
You can always be assured that your most confidential and business-critical records are protected while in our custody.

An enhanced audit trail for your records

In addition to safeguarding your records, our investments in facilities, technology and equipment also enable a comprehensive audit trail for the documentation of retrieval, access and delivery of your information. We utilize a bar code tracking system integrated with robust inventory management technology that provides you with real-time status of your offsite records. In addition, it offers the following features:
  • Online accessibility
  • Customized inventory reporting
  • Retention period management
  • Remote requests and retrievals

Improved location and retrieval of your documents and files

Improved records management doesn’t come at the expense of accessibility. Whether your involved in disaster recovery exercises, audit procedures or need to meet a legal request, access and availability to your documents should be accurate and swift. We provide our clients with retrieval and delivery options driven by our own Six Sigma techniques. At any hour, any time of day you always have expedient access to your records. We offer our clients the following delivery options: Corodata provides records management solutions for clients located in North Bay, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego.  For more information please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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