Managing Records with Corodata’s Client Portal

Boosting Productivity & Compliance in a Hybrid Working Model

Last year, we redesigned our client portal enabling our customers to manage their records with Corodata easily and securely, whether or not they’re in the office. It’s now a single access point with everything you need for managing records: pickup, storage, retrieval, destruction, and more, and we continue to expand its benefits.

Create your account, including setting up dual-factor authentication from security vendor Okta. Okta verifies that you’re an authorized user by requiring an extra step beyond just a username and password.

Once you’re in, managing your Corodata account is faster and easier with a streamlined, user-friendly interface.

For Managing Records Storage Service

  • Order supplies—like records boxes, blueprint boxes, bar codes, and CoroSeals.
  • Leverage a variety of reports for tracking and auditing records.
  • Use Corohub link inside—Request to schedule, change and cancel records storage services; and request to scan-on-demand paper documents into your vault.
  • Access your vault of digital documents, where you can download individual files or entire projects; and tag files for future searches.

For Managing Shredding Service

  • Schedule, change, and cancel shredding services
  • Generate certificates of destruction for any date range
  • Create and print reports on the environmental impacts of your shredding and recycling

You’ll also spot some exciting new tools that secure the chain of custody of your sensitive information—and increase your confidence in our services and our employees. We’ve adopted industry-leading delivery technology to let you:

  • Receive text alerts when your driver is en route, with a link to a real-time map
  • Communicate with your driver via text message without revealing your actual phone numbers to each other
  • View your driver’s photo so you can trust that the person arriving is one of our employees
  • Check your order status and planned service window
  • Provide a contactless signature that meets legal requirements while respecting your privacy and safety
  • Access your service history with a summary of each order

These capabilities may seem familiar from ride-sharing or restaurant delivery services. Corodata, however, is the only records management company in California that offers a modern, comprehensive client portal to manage your RIM activities.

In the new workplace normal, where employees are only in the office part-time, these new features help ensure compliance and guard against data breaches while protecting your employees’ privacy. They also confirm that you’ll receive the right services in the right location at the right time.

Please take a look at our new portal

Go through the fast, simple registration process to create your secure account, then log in to see all the new and improved tools. Or, if you are new to Corodata, request a demo.