Media Vaulting

Securing and managing media is our #1 priority.

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You Give Us Your Media. We’ll Do All the Rest

Corodata provides secure, offsite, unplugged storage for your data, while managing the entire journey of digital media assets — tracking, rotation, recovery, archiving, and destruction.

Media Storage

Offsite Media Storage

Unplugged, vaulted, storage for your data, creating a powerful air gap and helping your business stay protected and compliant.

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Tape Backup Rotation

Backup Tape Rotation

Our trained staff picks up rotating sets of your media, and transports them to our secure facility.

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Media Destruction

Media Destruction

The amount and types of files that hang out in your storage drives can leave you vulnerable to data breaches and some serious fines.

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Air Gap solutions

Unplug Your Backups With an Air Gap

Cloud backups are vulnerable to hackers and human error. When your data is backed up on the cloud alone, your most valuable information is sensitive to hackers, ransomware, or good old-fashioned human error.

An air gap backup is a security technique that isolates a copy of your sensitive backup data from other systems, including the public internet. Air gaps provide a very strong defense against data loss.

You can create an air gap by storing a backup copy of your data in a secure, off-premises location. This physical distance ensures your sensitive data is:

  • Offline
  • Disconnected
  • Inaccessible from the internet

When air gapping is set up and managed properly, it’s virtually impossible for hackers to remotely access your information.

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Taking a Fresh Look at Magnetic Tape Media

More Relevant Than Ever

Magnetic tape storage is a tried-and-true technology and is experiencing a resurgence. In an era of constant threats of ransomware attacks and rising security expectations, backup tape is the more dependable solution. And, since they are “unplugged”, backup tapes consume zero energy—making them the most sustainable data storage option, helping companies meet carbon reduction goals.

More Storage At A Lower Cost

Companies must keep significant amounts of data due to evolving best practices and regulatory requirements. A single magnetic tape allows up to 45TB of compressed data, thanks to recent innovations.

Capacity is predicted to grow to nearly 1.5 petabytes of data within the next decade. It’s an affordable, scalable way to create an air gap because it’s offline, and estimated at less than three cents per gigabyte, according to the Active Archive Alliance.

Today’s companies need to store larger amounts of data due to best practices and regulatory requirements. Tape storage has been a proven solution for decades, but renewed innovations are doubling its storage capacity every generation.

Pro Tip

If disaster strikes, tape backups are faster to restore than cloud backups due to bandwidth limits, data throttling, and distributed locations.

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