Backup Tape Rotation & Recovery

Our trained staff picks up rotating sets of your media and transports it to our secure facility on a structured, rotating basis so your backed-up data is always up to date.

Backup tape rotation get started

How Backup Tape & Media Rotation Works

01Choose Your Rotation Schedule


Maximum protection level for high quantities of mission-critical information.


Our most common package matches a reasonable standard of protection and a cost-effective rate.


The minimum level for any business backup, often as part of an archive program.

02Have Your Media Ready For Us

Gather up the media you wish to store — daily, weekly, or monthly. You’ll know when we’re coming, and we’ll keep your team accountable.

03Secure Pickup of Active Media Set

We’ll pick up your media and transport it to our secure vault in GPS-tracked trucks, and a three-checks-and-balances process for each media slot in the vault, for ultimate security and accurate retrieval at all times.

04Rotate and Track Media Backup

Every time your media is moved from your door to our vault, and back to you, a database entry is made recording the move. Our portal allows you to track inventory, schedule service requests, and create reports and can be integrated or customized if needed.

Barcodes are scanned at pick-up and assigned media slots in the vault

Barcodes are scanned again upon arrival at the vault

Vault staff are directed to the slot location

Trigger notication based on rotation equipment

Media is scanned out and returned

05Rapid Data Recovery

If disaster does strike and you need to recover your backups, our team is available 24/7 to ensure you’ll have your valuable data returned in a matter of hours.

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