New Year, New Corodata Website

Thanks to your input, we’ve updated the Corodata website. We think you’ll love the new, modern look as much as we do. Check out the new, easy-to-use features, mobile-friendly design, and more.


Live Chat.

Questions? Need help navigating the Corodata website? Have a specific issue that needs to be addressed? No problem. With just one click, you can easily connect with a customer service rep with the Chat feature.


Shop supplies and Request Service.

It’s so much easier to order supplies like a box or barcodes, request a pick-up service or make a shredding request. Simply go to the Supplies and Request tab at the top of the Corodata website. You’ll see exactly what you’re ordering and apply only the number you want. That’s it!


Stay informed.

Now our blog is much cleaner and easier to read, from any device, including your kindle! Scroll through a listing of all of the latest posts, or filter by one of the most common topics. You can also easily share any post with your co- workers with share buttons at the top of each article.


Client-friendly header.

With the new Just for Client Header, you can quickly navigate to the client portal, order supplies, pay your bill, or fill out a feedback survey. Best of all, it’s just for you.



Now you can catch up on your records management news, advice, tips and services, anyplace, anytime, conveniently from your phone.