Weighing the Pros and Cons For Records Storage At A Records Center

Obviously our bias is that you choose a specialized off-site Record Storage facility like Corodata. While moving records off-site is a necessary business move, we believe choosing a self-storage unit is a miscalculated decision. A Record Storage center provides better service and usually at a lower cost.
  • More space in your active office area
  • Meets vital records and disaster recovery needs
  • Meets security needs
  • Eliminates the burden of keeping documents organized and controlling access
  • Bar-code tracking and specialized software makes finding your file quick and efficient
  • State-of-the-art alarm, motion and sound detectors help prevent security breeches
  • Allows you to only pay for the space actually used, often making it more affordable than self-storage units that make you rent more space than necessary
  • Removes the cost and hassle of setting up and maintaining company-owned file rooms with shelving, fire protection and security access control
  • Allows documents to be requested via web, e-mail, FAX or telephone and delivered to wherever they are needed
  • Frees up office space to be used for other purposes
  • Eliminates need to leave your office to obtain an inactive file at a self-storage unit
  • Every box is labeled, tracked, and inventoried with a computer system
  • Not purging unnecessary files can add cost
  • Takes an investment of time to index and label properly

Did you know?

Records management experts estimate that up to two-thirds of records stored at an office can be stored in more cost-effective facilities or destroyed because they are obsolete. Click here for the top ten reasons to store off-site. How to compare At our centers, your valuable information is accessible only to you and Corodata. Our Record Storage centers in San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County and Oakland are highly organized and secure facilities. When you are looking for a Record Storage center, ask about the following:

Monitored 24/7/365

  • Digital, Web-based video surveillance
  • Limited points of entry into the facility
  • Secure areas for loading and unloading of delivery vehicles
  • Comprehensive alarm services
  • Vehicles have special alarm systems and GPS tracking

Fire Protection

  • Meets All local fire-prevention regulations
  • Up to 5 times more sprinklers than traditional racking
  • In-rack fire extinguishers and hoses
  • Monthly facility inspection of all aspects of fire suppression & prevention
  • Meets NFPA Fire Protection Standards

Only Authorized Personnel Allowed

  • Visitors are required to sign-in, receive a badge and be accompanied by an escort
  • Only individuals authorized by you can see your information
  • Center employees are in full-uniform and wear a picture ID badge

Superior Process Equals Greater Accuracy To Insure Better Service

  • The bar-codes on your records are scanned and reconciled at least four times to insure accuracy
  • Six Sigma Process Improvements continually in use means minimum errors
To discuss your Record Storage needs, please call Corodata today at 888-238-8088 or contact Corodata by online form to begin a conversation.

Taking Control of Inactive Records with Corodata

Properly labeling and tracking inactive files, and moving them safely offsite, can save your company space, time and money; remove the threat of losing documents; providing easy retrieval of files when needed, and set your reputation as a secure company.

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