Why A Shred Everything Policy Helps Businesses? (Free Downloadable Shred Policy Checklist)

Our most pressing business issues intersect when an organization must answer the five W’s and one H for their firm’s plan on the subject of protecting and securing their information. This planning process becomes even more complex while working to comply with an array of legislation in order to avoid lawsuits. All of these complexities beg the question, should you just shred everything? Having recognized that all other options are just too risky, Shred Everything policies have become the norm in many large organizations. Alleviating risk is only one advantage for implementing a Shred Everything policy. Other advantages are that you can effectively train your staff, be green, safe, and maintain a low budget as you implement this policy.

Pro Training is Easier

Between the onboarding paperwork, training sessions, emailed policies, and signs on the walls, you think an employee knows exactly what to do with a piece of paper when it is no longer needed. The choice is simple: shred, recycle, or trash based on the level, if any, of private, confidential information it may contain. Back in reality, people don’t read memos, they don’t know that shredding is every bit as green as recycling (without the risk), and they don’t consider an invoice from a supplier to be confidential. With a Shred Everything policy, training is easy—all paper waste goes to the shredder.

Pro Shredding is Still Green

Whether a piece of paper is shredded or recycled, every piece is processed into an oatmeal-like mush before it is reused. The only difference is who gets to read your information prior to this mush status. Full sheets placed in the blue bin will likely end up halfway around the world in a perfectly legible state. No one would knowingly take this risk if they knew the whole story. But, in the name of Mother Earth, people unknowingly expose confidential information to outsiders. It’s tough to train, but shredding everything can eliminate this risk. So, go ahead and kick the blue bins out!

Pro Shredding is Safe

If your Doctor threw your test results in his dumpster with your identity information clear for everyone to see, would you be upset? Of course, you would! We all know the types of documents that must be protected. But, why take the chance of a data breach. If you shred everything, then you are sure to be 100% safe.

Pro Shredding Is Better for Your Budget

Every organization pays for trash disposal directly, as part of their rent, or as part of the janitorial expense. You also pay for it in downtime spent making the choice and the trip to shred, recycle or trash. Therefore, the incremental cost of the Shred Everything policy is zero.
  • Shredding provides a direct expense for the proper disposition of your confidential material.
  • Your shred bins could absorb the non-confidential trash with very little, if any, increase in equipment or frequency.
  • Trash disposal will be cheaper too. The only thing left in your garbage can (if you still need one) will be the empty Cheetos bag or banana peel.

Start Shredding

If you don’t have a shredding service, you need one. The equipment we provide is silent, secure and easy to use without the noise, downtime and danger of a personal shredder.