Questions Information Managers will ask in 2013

Questions Information Managers will ask in 2013

Based on the thousands of conversations this year and decades of experience in the information management field, Corodata predicts these questions will be uttered a bunch in 2013.

1. What’s my data telling me?

Data is flying at us all in alarming frequency and growing. What is harder to find is the meaning in the numbers needed to make the right decisions. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will be designed for even more managers to track progress and spot areas of improvement. Corodata will be supplying these metrics and is looking to add your ideas to our list.

2. We are spending how much to scan?

For many firms, the glamour of scanning is starting to wear off as they take a look at all of the variable costs affected; such as, overtime and temps, equipment and software, and especially the wear and tear on the network due to the data explosion. Many firms are wondering how this could possibly be worth it for old documents – and in many cases it’s not. That’s why we’ve delivered the four key reasons to scan your archives.

3. Is our data really secure?

Losses due to the handiwork of hackers and the much more common accidental breaches of digital and hard copy information are growing. These incidents are becoming more reported on in the media and costing firms in many ways. Great preparation is needed and regular real-life testing is required to succeed in this area.

4. How Many Trees Did We Save?

Clients, shareholders, employees, outside agencies, community groups, etc… are all wondering how green you are. Having hard data to prove your commitment to Mother Earth is a necessity. Corodata provides this data for its customers. Corodata has a suite of services designed to meet these challenges without costing an arm and leg. In 2013, make it a point to meet with us again so we can help you answer these questions for your business, and exceed your goals.