3 Guidelines for Record Management Nirvana

We can’t sugarcoat this. We’re in the information age. And with the era comes reams, loads, and massive quantities of information, both online and in paper form. With all that data comes a massive paper trail, sometimes literally.

Managing Your Records Is a Huge Job…

For those in charge of somehow managing, collecting, and retaining all these records, it can be a daunting task. To add to the stress on the job, there’s basically a big target on your back: California, with the eighth largest economy in the world, is also a “prime target for hackers,” an audit of California state agencies report notes.

…But You Can Cut It Down to Size

Corodata, as the largest independent records management company in California, counts many government agencies—and private businesses— among its happy customers. While all California businesses are ultimately responsible for the security of their data, companies such as Corodata can assist on all levels of records management. To get you started on the road to compliant records management, here are some key pointers to keep in mind when tackling the mountain of data your business produces.


Know what records you have

It sounds pretty basic, but it could become an overwhelming subject. Our ability to create, copy, replicate and duplicate records has far exceeded our ability to manage them. Think about your own email in-box, a daily repository of probably hundreds of messages. Ring a bell? If so, read on.


Keep your record management policy current

Do you know who is managing your records, where they’re stored, and who has access to them? When was the last time you reviewed your retention schedule? Is it time to update any of your business records retention guidelines?


Know what records to keep, and what records to delete

Records management is an inventory of the documents in your organization, and the transfer of documents from your office to a secure records storage facility, such Corodata. And finally, the destruction of inactive records that no longer have value, historic or otherwise.

Achieve records management zen

For more detailed information on local government management guidelines, check out the California Records Management Guidelines handbook.

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