Top 10 Jaw-Dropping Records Management Statistics of 2017

We’ve pulled together some of the most important, informative and astonishing records management statistics of 2017, a top 10 that list will have you raising your eyebrows, shaking your head and pledging to do even better in 2018. Here goes!

$1.1 Trillion

It turns out that old-fashioned thieves are a bigger risk to your business than those high-tech hackers you’re worried about. The takeaway: Put a clean desk policy in place.

$1 Billion

The estimated cost of ransomware in 2017. Online hackers still make a tidy profit by taking your data hostage and demanding a ransom to return it to you. The takeaway: Back up your mission-critical information on a schedule.

$10 Million

The fine paid by a California company that failed to destroy personal records. Failing to shred records that have reached retention costs millions and puts both your reputation and your corporate secrets at risk. Read more about the serious risks of not shredding.


The number of days in the year on which it is perfectly acceptable to hold a Shred Day! As records management statistics go, this one is among the most promising. The takeaway: In addition to Earth Day, there are lots of great reasons to hold a Shred Day.


The percentage of staff time eaten up searching for lost documents at a California school district, until they joined forces with a trusted records management partner. Some records management statistics are downright shocking, and this is one of them. The takeaway: It is possible to get records management right.

7 Out Of 10

The number of records managers who say they can’t get critical buy-in from executives and colleagues. The takeaway: Be a hero, get buy in for your records management program.

Seven Years

The length of time you must keep your bank and credit card statements. Plus: Did you know there are some things you should never shred? The takeway: Make sure your team knows what documents not to shred.


The number of really good reasons to get started with a professional records management program. The takeaway: Make 2018 the year you get your records together.

Four Weeks

The average number of weeks a manager spends each year looking for records. This doesn’t surprise you, does it? Hunting for paper or digital files is an enormous waste of time – and it’s entirely preventable. The takeaway: Start a records management program!

3 Cents

The estimated cost per gigabyte of offline tape storage. Vintage tape storage technology is low-cost, environmentally friendly and almost entirely immune to cyberattack. The takeaway: At pennies a gigabyte, tape storage is better than ever!

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