Offsite Record Storage

Better Use of Space. Quick Access to Your Files. Secure and Affordable.

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Why should I use an offsite record storage service?

Corodata is your record storage specialist delivering fair, affordable, and trustworthy performance for over 70 years. Regardless of your size, properly storing records add intrinsic value to your organization.

active records

Active Files Storage


With active records storage, you will receive secure storage for your files and the ability to retrieve your files in a timely manner, whenever they are needed.

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archive records

Offsite Records Storage


Protect and securely store your record files that are no longer an active part of your daily operations, yet need to be retained. Corodata helps you manage your archive records.

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Vital Records Storage


Corodata’s vital records storage services provide a long-term system for preserving and storing important business data that can be accessed if needed.

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records webinar

Learn How to Protect Your Most Sensitive and Valuable Information

Protect the Security of Your Business Records

Establish best practices for information governance and records management to protect your business information against losses and maintain business continuity when tragedy strikes.

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Better for Your Organization

Corodata’s secure record storage solutions protect the integrity of your documents and offer immediate access when needed.

Safety and Security

Security to Rival Fort Knox

Above all else, your confidential information needs to be secure at all times. Our buildings are seismically engineered and internally designed to restrict access. Everything from the rack layout, pathways, and lighting have been calculated to minimize risk.
Compliance and Audit

You are Always Compliant

At Corodata, we strive for the highest levels of certification in compliance, meeting and exceeding industry standards, legal, and regulatory requirements. Our audit trail and reputation are independent proof positive you are being reasonable and responsible.
Flexible Month to Month

Flexible Month to Month Agreements

You don’t need to prepare your files in a specific way. We’ll take them in the boxes you’ve got them in. And with no long-term contracts, you can use us for as long as you need.
California Local Service

Personal, Local Service

Whether you are a sole practitioner or responsible for a multi-location enterprise, know that you can rely on a dedicated sales rep, outstanding customer service, and a devoted driver.
Online Access

Online Access 24/7

Corodata provides tools so that you can manage your record storage account online.  Order box or file, schedule a pick-up and create your inventory reports.

Offsite Storage FAQs

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