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Active records storage includes all the documents in your office that are in active use, such as: medical files, x-rays, insurance records, and legal case files. Running out of storage space for these active files is one of the bigger headaches facing companies like yours. Lots of forms, records, and other data can also mean time wasted looking for files or, even worse, clients who are frustrated by all the waiting.

The Many Benefits of Active, Offsite Records Storage

  • Increased protection of your active records, preventing breaches and corporate identity theft
  • Reduced lost and misfiled documents
  • Faster document search and retrieval
  • Cost saved on office space
  • Quick access to expert active records storage advice and assistance
  • Easy tracking and records management
  • 24/7 access to account through the web portal
  • Convenient locations
  • Easy delivery and pickup

How Our Service Works

Corodata’s sophisticated inventory system allows you to manage your active files by terminal digit to locate and obtain your documents quickly and easily. Our process is divided in three steps:

Automated Tracking

Automated Tracking





A barcoding system is used for each individual file, allowing the easiest, most efficient retrieval possible. We offer eight fields for the inventory descriptions of your files so you can customize your data however works best for your business

Why Clients Love Corodata Offsite Active Records Storage

An in-house file room usually requires using your team’s valuable time to search for files and documents. Corodata offers automated services and an entire team of dedicated records specialists, saving you space, time, and money, while guaranteeing safety, security, convenience and very well organized file solutions.

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