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Active Records Storage – old school

Active records storage includes documents in an office that are currently in use. Medical records, x-ray films, insurance records, and legal case files often produce files that require active record storage. An issue many companies face is running out of storage space for their active files. There is also an issue of time spent by staff trying to locate the active files they need. With active records storage management, and Corodata as your reliable offsite storage provider, you will save space and reduce costs.

The objective of active records storage is to provide an efficient long-term solution for managing your active files. With active records storage, you will receive secure storage for your files and the ability to retrieve your files in a timely manner whenever they are needed. Corodata is a full service California records storage management company and we can customize your active records storage plan to suit the specific needs of your business.

Outsourcing Active Records Storage

While many companies store archive records offsite, many still feel that they need to keep active records onsite. Ideally, every company would have the storage and staff to retain active files. Realistically, that set up doesn’t work for “file heavy” industries like law offices, medical facilities, or insurance companies. Even small offices can benefit from the extra space gained from storing active records offsite.

Benefits of outsourcing active records storage with Corodata include:

  • Increased protection of your active records, which helps prevent breaches and corporate identity theft
  • Active records storage management services
  • Costs saved on office space, as well as increased space in the office that can be utilized for other purposes
  • Access to expert active records storage advice and assistance
  • Corodata barcode tracking system
  • 24/7 access to account through the webportal
  • Facilities located in convenient California locations
  • Easy delivery and pickup

Efficient Tracking, Inventory, and Delivery

It’s our job to make active records storage management as simple and efficient as possible. Having barcodes on boxes is helpful, but in order to have the most control over your files, you need to go a step further. This is why we also have options for using a barcoding system for each individual file, which will allow us to retrieve files much more efficiently.

Our sophisticated inventory system will allow you to manage your active files by terminal digit. Corodata offers 8 fields for you to manage the inventory descriptions of your files. Use as many or as few fields as you need.

Safe and Secure Active Records Storage

A benefit of storing your active records at Corodata is that our secure locations are a safer option than storing files at your office. Disaster recovery specialists suggest that keeping your records off-site will help you to continue to do business if there is a disaster. And our fire protection protocol is designed to protect all the records in our facility, not just the people in the building.

Storing active records offsite also protects them from theft. Only our own Corodata employees are allowed into the warehouse. You’ll never have to worry about your employees rummaging through your file room or keeping track of who has access to your file room. The Corodata facilities have 24-7 security systems including motion sensors and access codes to enter our storage area.

The Experts In Active Records Storage Management

An in-house file room usually requires a full time employee and their benefits, and training, and people to manage them, but one call is all you need when Corodata manages your active files. Corodata works with you to discover the most cost effective and efficient solution to help you with the storage and management your active files.