Affordable Records Management

What do you and Corodata have in common? We both recognize the value and need for affordable records management. And we’re both sensitive to your record storage dollars. That’s why with Corodata, your monthly fee gets you a whole lot more—covering storage space, labor, insurance, transportation, and disaster recovery protocols for far less than the cost of space alone with other comparable records management options. Let’s break it down.


Your cost savings will vary depending on self-storage unit cost, actual boxes, and services (such as transportation) rendered. Service restrictions apply. Other costs (such as insurance, worker’s comp, etc.) incurred by businesses using public storage or storing in office also vary.

Records management at your place of business costs more than you think

What could be easier than using your own office space for records management? (It’s free, right?) But think about how much that idle square footage is costing you per month. Couldn’t it (and the people searching for files there) be working and making money for you instead? Choose Corodata’s affordable records management instead. Storing business records offsite enables businesses to use their office spaces more efficiently. Free up that corner cubicle or back room, or get rid of those file cabinets and free up valuable office real estate. Make room for a new employee, or just enjoy the new open space you have.

Self storage puts your records at greater risk

Sure, you’ll pay a low price for a Self storage space—but that’s just the cost of the space. It costs you time and money to send employees to the space. And there’s no insurance, no confidence in confidentiality, and no plan in place for disaster recovery. Don’t get boxed in by self storage. You’re not alone. More than 800 companies throughout California have transitioned from self storage to now relying on Corodata’s affordable records management to keep their important information retrievable and secure.

Comparable records management facilities offer a lot, but for more money

Other records management firms might offer everything Corodata records management does—and many do. But others might add administration fees, web portal fees, and can charge as much as three times for service fees. Speak to a records management specialist and see the difference of secure and affordable records management with Corodata.