Stop Building Complex Records Management System Strategies By Yourself

Explore Active Records Storage

Secure, Protect & Access Your Vital Records Information

An archive record is an inactive record that is no longer required to conduct daily business but requires you to store it until it meets the end of its preservation period. Your records may hold legal, financial, personal, historical or other proprietary information that must be retained for a short permanent duration.

The goal of records management is to help organizations in their wider scope of governance, risk management, compliance and manage their paper trail of the organization’s business activities. Choosing to preserve your records offsite not only provides greater security, but also decreases the risk of damage.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Record Storage

  • Increased protection of your archive records
  • Compliance, disaster protection
  • Cost saved on office space or renting storage units
  • Access to expert archive record storage advice
  • Convenient record tracking, retrieval, and destruction

Experts in Archive Record Storage

Our archival record storage management services include filing and organizing your records, pickup and delivery, round-the-clock security, automated tracking, and management support.

Management Support

As industry experts in information governance, Corodata helps you manage your information your way. Our mission is to make it easy for you. We have been helping California businesses like yours for over 70 years.

Secure Storage 24/7

With 24-7 security systems including motion sensors and access codes, only authorized Corodata employees enter our vaults. You’ll never have to worry about anyone rummaging through the file room that is in someone else’s file cabinet

Pickup & Delivery

We are committed to helping your business, offering pickup and delivery options on a same day, next day, and rush basis. Want to see an electronic image of the record? No problem. We can scan and email it to you or you can download the

Automated Tracking

We understand that your business requires quick access to your information. That’s why we’ve implemented a barcode tracking system that allows you control over the management and retrieval of your archive records.

Access Your Records Anytime, Anywhere

With record delivery as soon as two hours, your archive records can be requested from home or office, and delivered to you.. Corodata uses a sophisticated inventory system that allows you to easily access your archive records. Keeping your data safe, secure, and accessible is our number one priority.

Store More Records for Less Money

Typically, offices use 300 square feet of space on storing records.

Improve Productivity

The average worker spends 1 hours looking for files each day. Corodata’s offsite record storage typically saves both time and money.

Why Do Our Clients Love Offsite Records Storage?

  • Document management efficiency
  • Records compliance
  • Increased productivity