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Archive Records Storage – old school

Archive records storage is a form of storage for data and files that are no longer an active part of your company. Archive records includes older or inactive hardcopy paper records. Let your archive records be managed the right way by leaving them in the hands of records storage experts.

The objective of archive records storage is to provide a long term solution for storing data that can be accessed if needed. Corodata is a full service California records and information management company providing secure, cost effective, offsite facilities for all types of documents and media, including archive records.

Outsourcing Archive Records Storage

The loss of an archive will typically result in the permanent loss of the information that was being stored, which is why many companies choose to outsource their archive records storage management. Choosing to store your archive records offsite in a secure facility rather than onsite at your place of business provides greater security for your archive records and decreases the risk of damage.

Benefits of outsourcing archive records storage with Corodata include:

  • Increased protection of your archive records
  • More space at your place of business
  • Cost saved on office space or renting storage units
  • Access to expert archive record storage advice
  • Corodata barcode tracking system
  • Tools to manage inventory of your archive documents
  • Facilities located in convenient California locations

Safe and Secure Archive Record Storage

Storing your archive records at Corodata is actually safer than storing them at your office. Disaster recovery specialists suggest that keeping your records off-site will help you to continue to do business if there is a disaster. The Corodata facilities have 24-7 security systems including motion sensors and access codes to enter our storage area.

Only authorized Corodata employees are allowed into the warehouse. You’ll never have to worry about your employees rummaging through the file room for a record that’s in someone else’s file cabinet. And our fire protection protocol is designed to protect all the records in our facility, not just the people in the building.

The Experts In Archive Records Storage Management

Anyone can store a box. Managing the information is a different story. Our archival records storage management services include filing and organizing your records, pick-up and delivery, round-the-clock security, automated tracking, and management support.

On average, a file cabinet takes up 13.5 square feet. In California, businesses pay significant amounts per square foot per month. At Corodata we can store the same information for significantly less than that! When we store and manage your archival records we make it quick and easy to retrieve them, so you don’t spend your precious time digging for files. Wouldn’t you rather your staff perform tasks that make you money instead of cost you money?

Corodata can help you manage your archive records your way. We make it easy for you. Not really sure how you want to manage your archive records? We can help you with that, too. Corodata has been helping California businesses like yours for over 60 years.

Retrieving Your Archive Records

We understand that if you can’t access your information quickly, it’s not worth saving. That’s why Corodata utilizes a sophisticated inventory system that will allow you to easily access your archive records.

We offer several delivery options to fit your needs including, next day, same day and rush deliveries. Want to see an electronic image of the record? No problem. We can scan and email it to you or you can download the image from our web portal.

Inactive documents are still important documents. We understand that you want your archive records kept safe and also easily accessible. At Corodata, we treat your information as if our business depends on it. Because it does.