CoroVault Online Records Storage

When it comes to records storage, Corodata believes you can have paper and online records storage! In a world where it is better to be safe than sorry and quick and efficient, we sometimes have to make the difficult decision to pick one over the other.

CoroVault is Corodata’s online records storage center that is HIPAA compliant. You can have secure access to your digital and scanned documents from your desktop, tablet, or phone.

When online records storage center is added to your records storage service, you get a completely integrated records storage solution that provide files on demand, and meets strict security guidelines.

Integrated features for a complete records storage solution

online records storage

Easily Upload Digital Files

Some documents never make it to print. Store those too—simply upload them right from your desktop, tablet or phone.


High Volume Imaging

Turn massive volumes of documents, into manageable and searchable images. We can also convert documents you have on-site, books and preserve historical documents by converting them into digital files.


Scan on Demand

Got paper records that you’d like to access now? With our scan on demand feature, we will pull and scan documents in storage and make them available to you in as little as an hour. It allows you to retrieve your physical files from anywhere, download copies, and email secure links to others.


Stay Compliant

As part of a full records management solution, the Online Records Storage Center is both PCI and HIPAA compliant, so you know that your files are safe secure.

CoroVault Packages

Features Include Basic Enterprise
Secure HIPAA complaint document storage, viewing and retrieval    ✓           ✓
Securely access your documents from any browser enabled device (phone, tablet, or pc)    ✓           ✓
Email secure, password protected links to your documents    ✓           ✓
1 GB of document and image storage included (approximately 20,000 typical images)    ✓           ✓
Add your own electronic documents right from your desktop           ✓
Set up and modify index values/metadata           ✓
Generate automatic emails when documents are added or specific index values entered           ✓
Search indexes and document text to find specific documents           ✓
Set up and manage electronic document retention schedules           ✓
Track access history on any document           ✓
Track document revisions and rollback to previous versions           ✓