File Indexing

cloud-imageAre you moving your business, packing everything away into boxes? Do you have a room or a basement full of bins with ambiguous or unreadable labels? If you aren’t absolutely certain of the contents of each and every one of your containers, we can help, before disorganization impacts your business or costs you customers. Our file indexing services agents open each and every box, record the contents, repack the container, and barcode it for immediate reference later.

When storing your files, you’ll be depending on two distinct processes: storage and retrieval. You’ll need to know exactly what you’re putting away, and you’ll need to be sure you can recover exactly what you want quickly and efficiently. To meet these needs, Corodata offers both file indexing services to help you catalogue your items, files, and information, and file inventory services to help you find exactly the right file when you need it.

Trust Corodata with Your Files

At Corodata, we make your confidence, security, and trust our highest priorities. Corodata is committed to making the file stored with us as convenient, as painless, and as cost-efficient as possible. It’s our goal that you have the same convenient access to your files as you would with on-site storage options, but with none of the hassle. Corodata performs extensive background checks during our hiring process, and we require confidentiality agreements. You can trust Corodata not to disclose the nature of the files in our inventory, or even the names of our clients. Corodata maintains HIPAA Business Agreements and various industry specific privacy agreements, depending on the nature of your business, so that you always know your business records will be in compliance.

Benefits of File Indexing

  • Barcodes each file for quick reference
  • Easy file and document delivery options ensure peace of mind
  • Frees up space on-site, to be used more efficiently

What Can Corodata Do for You?

By trusting your files and records to Corodata, you make the choice to save money, increase business efficiency, and protect the environment. Our expert team barcodes each file, recording the contents into a dynamic inventory system, then will store those files in our secure facilities.

We offer a variety of storage options to suit your needs. Should you need access to a particular item, you’ll be able to access your files in a searchable inventory through a secure web portal, or you can arrange to have an item delivered. Corodata handles all transport of secure files to and from our storage facilities, so you’ll feel secure and confident every step of the way.

How it Works

  1. Corodata picks up your records.
  2. Our team barcodes each and every file, recording the contents into an inventory system that you’re able to customize with as many fields as you’d like.
  3. A barcode is applied and returned to the original box.
  4. Corodata can provide an inventory list if requested or you can access the files through our web portal. You can search for files by any field that has been indexed.