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Corodata’s climate controlled storage vaults have a lot of uses. Beyond archiving data and physical storage media, they are the perfect place to keep things like art, historical artifacts, sensitive documents, device prototypes, and more. One of the most important uses of vaults is for medical pathology storage.

Medical Pathology Storage

Hospitals, universities, and other research groups produce a huge number of medical specimens. These include tissue samples held in paraffin wax blocks and microscope slides. These samples need to be kept secure, in optimal environmental conditions for long-term preservation. They’re especially sensitive to heat and moisture and were those samples to get damaged it could cost millions in lost research potential or missed patient diagnostics. Medical pathology storage needs to balance strong security with exacting climate control to keep samples safe and secure. Any medical pathology storage provider needs to be able to coordinate secure transfer for pickups and dropoffs, often at a moment’s notice, while maintaining a high level of security, stability, and tracking.

Corodata’s Climate Controlled Medical Pathology Storage Vaults

Our medical pathology storage vaults are continuously digitally monitored, with access restricted only to those with the appropriate security clearance. The vaults are designed to maintain precise levels of temperature and humidity, perfect for storing medical pathology samples. Corodata’s vaults are also protected by integrated state of the art fire suppression systems and constructed with materials able to withstand temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees All our employees undergo rigorous background checks and receive regular training on handling sensitive items and materials. Our vehicles lock automatically during transport and carry real-time GPS trackers. An established chain of custody ensures that we’ll know exactly where your samples are, and who has handled them.

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Safe and Secure Offsite Storage

As well as maintaining strict quality standards in our vaults, we follow the stringent guidelines of HIPAA, SSAE18, and other regulations in order to keep ourselves firmly in compliance and to keep your medical samples as secure, defended, and protected as possible.

Cost Effective and Convenient

By trusting Corodata to manage your medical samples and data, you will get the best possible service and the most secure systems, at the best possible cost. Corodata does not lock you into longterm contracts, or tack on additional fees. You will only pay for the services you want, and only for as long as you need them, and we guarantee that Corodata can beat any competitor’s rates.