Vital Records Storage

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Secure, Protect, & Access Your Vital Records

Vital records storage professionally organizes your records and provides a long-term system for preserving and storing important business documents that can be accessed if needed. Vital records include: deeds, historical records, patents, blueprints, legal records, medical records, contracts, and police manuals.

Corodata’s vital records organizing services allows your company to maintain a complete chain of custody of your records. We understand what vital documents are and the methods of protecting vital records that will enable you to maintain compliance within your industry.

Our promise to you includes:

  • Improved vital record storage security
  • Temperature controlled vaults for longer preservation
  • Automated inventory tracking and management
  • Full scale inventory of your vital records
  • Automatic compliance with certifications such as HIPAA, FACTA, FDA, and more
  • Customized storage solutions for your business
  • Facilities located in convenient California locations

Corodata Compliance

Our archival record storage management services include filing and organizing your records, pickup and delivery, round-the-clock security, automated tracking, and management support.


Making sure that your patients’ medical records are private is an important part of your business. Corodata stores your physical and digital files securely, guaranteeing protection from identity theft, data breaches, data leaks, and the damage to your company’s reputation cyber-attacks can cause while preserving patient privacy according to HIPAA standards.


Corodata is proud to be in 100% compliance with all relevant government entities, including FATCA, which regulates reporting of foreign assets for taxes purposes, and the FDA, which also requires secure archives and document storage.


NAID, the standard setting body for the information destruction industry, verifies the qualifications of certified information destruction providers through a comprehensive scheduled and unannounced audit program. Corodata has been awarded NAID certification for plant based and mobile document destruction, as well as hard drive and electronic media destruction.


Formerly SAS70, SSAE 18 has upgraded their standards to make sure that companies are following compliancy. Clients benefit rom this standard because it means Corodata is double and triple checked to make sure we are complying with our own policies and procedures.

24/7 Security

Our promise is to keep your vital records safe and secure, so you have the peace of mind you need to build your business and serve your clients. Our fire protection protocol secures all the records in our facility. Corodata facilities also have 24-7 security systems including motion sensors, access codes, and badged personnel to ensure only those authorized enter our storage areas.

Data Protection You Can Actually Count On

Protect Your Records Using Proven Methods
  • Barcode tracking system ensures that there is always full chain-of-custody tracking on each and every record
  • Expertly trained staff
  • Delivery options to fit your needs, including next day, same day, and rush delivery
  • Easy online access via our web portal
  • Fully secured facilities

Industries We Serve

Every business needs a system for preserving its most important records. We believe a one-size-fits-all solution cannot match your organization’s unique needs. Corodata offers bespoke vital records storage for your company. We have years of experience serving primary, secondary, and tertiary industries across California.


Preserve the confidentiality of your clients and their cases by storing essential records away from your law firm’s office. We support you in meeting the compliance needs of your legal business. Speak to one of our information management officers to craft a plan for preserving your law firm’s reputation today.


The healthcare industry faces some of the most significant data security and privacy burdens. You must adhere to HIPAA rules if your organization handles confidential patient data. Our automated compliance systems make it simple for you to store critical medical records and preserve the privacy of your patients.

Financial Institutions

Manage your clients’ data and commercial account information while safeguarding their identities as part of a sensitive document and record storage service. Regardless of your activities, financial institutions and banks can rest assured that their personnel data is secured.


Securing government contracts or handling government paperwork on any level places immense strain and obligation on your brand. Corodata helps you manage government records to achieve physical and digital compliance standards. Make managing enhanced compliance requirements easy.


Bolster your information workflows and improve your compliance. Negotiating the constant barrage of new claims, quotes, and other vital pieces of administrative paperwork takes a lot of work.


Acquire a document management solution that protects students, families, and their personal information from prying eyes. Our vital records storage solution meets all the needs of your school district or departmental body.

Retail and Hospitality

Retailers and hospitality companies handling sensitive financial information must meet data security standards without hurting their service quality. We help you to simplify your records management system to enable you to focus on doing what you do best.

Small Business

Small businesses must comply with the same regulations as their multinational counterparts. Therefore, our records storage services are ideally suited to small business owners needing help to achieve compliance with their limited resources.